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Miyajima Labs Madake MC Stereo Phono Cartridge *SOLD*


*Original price SGD7,510
*Very good condition
*Low usage

Product Description

"Madake is a Moving Coil cartridge with a Shibata stylus. It delivers relatively low output signal of 0,23 mV. Cart is quite heavy, as its body was made of African Blackwood. Recommended tracking force, 2,5g. The key change comparing to previous models is replacing aluminium cantilever with a one made of Madake bamboo.
The key elements here are: spectacular soundstage and remarkable extension of both range extremes, especially of the lower one. Bass is powerful, rich but presented also with great definition throughout the whole range, to the very lowest notes"


Weight: 9,7 g
Material: African Blackwood
Recommended tracking force: 2,5 g
Internal impedance: around 16 Ω
Output signal: around 0,23 mV
Compliance (10 Hz): around 9×10-6 cm/dyne
Recommended working temperature: 20-30º C (perfect temp.: - 25º C)
Stylus: Shibata
Frequency response: 20 Hz – 32 kHz

Return & Refund Policy

• All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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