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In Pursuit of Musicality (Audio Note S’pore Pte Ltd)  had its humble beginnings in 1993 with the goal  of bringing great sound systems to satisfy the needs of audiophiles, especially young enthusiasts starting out on their passion. We were the first company to popularize Australian audio brands such as Moratori and Micrex in Singapore where we brought in everything from speakers to amplification to tuning devices and cables. At our first audio show in 1993, our sound systems wowed the crowds with its jaw-dropping dynamic and real sound. It was a watershed moment. The bar was set and there has been no turning back since.


Today,  is the leading player in the local audio sound industry. We have acquired  a stellar reputation for our stable of international acclaimed brands  under our distributorship. Our excellent customer service and professionalism have won us many fans converting many from fans to friends and long term partners.


We continue to strive to put together a delightful and revolutionary listening and sound experience for our customers. Our expansive range of audio systems and components caters to different budget; from a basic sound system for the beginners to the rarified sound system for the discerning audiophile. We aim to bring magic to our customers. 


It has been an incredible journey thus far  and credit goes to all our ardent supporters, friends and partners alike for their continuous support. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your audio world. It has been a pleasure serving you. 


Stay safe and enjoy the music


In Pursuit of Musicality 

Audio Note S'pore Unit 03-35 at The Adelphi
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