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At Ansuz, we are proud to have had so many of the most renowned high-end audio journalists and experts visiting us. Many of our Ansuz partners from across the world have also been our guests here in Denmark. When we take them into our audio studios, we cannot resist the temptation to first expose them to a ‘blind test’ of musical performance. Concealed behind a curtain, we use a standard integrated NAIM amplifier combined with a matching CD player and upgrade it with all those products that represent state-of-the-art Ansuz audio technology: distributors, cables and resonance controlling devices.

Our guests’ response has come as no surprise to us. They have always been completely stunned at the enormous extent of how much adding Ansuz products could advance the sound quality. The benchmarks of high-end musical performance and the passion for emotional musicality seem no longer to be mutually exclusive.

However, we were aware that when combining individual components into an integrated NAIM sound system, some of these up-grading effects were lost again. We soon identified the constraining factor. The typical 5-PIN interconnect with DIN plugs were in dire need of a heavy up-grade and some Ansuz magic.

So, based on our extensive know-how in cable engineering technology, we took on this exciting challenge and designed our first Ansuz interconnect, particularly customized to respond to all the specific needs of better integrating NAIM components into a complete sound system.


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