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Kora High Fidelity CD Player 140

The CD140 combines a digital section (32 bits in 768 kHz) with an analog tube output. This output stage uses the Square Tube® operational amplifier. Equipped with 4 triodes per channel, this innovative circuit gives the analog signal all its qualities.


Digital signal processing recovers all the information recorded on the CD. AKM’s chip upsamples the signal to 768 kHz. This allows the signal to be filtered at higher frequencies, removing the residue of the digital conversion from the audible band. A circuit developed by Kora ensures that all digital clocks remain synchronized with the original CD signal. Digital -to-analog conversion is entrusted to a latest-generation ROHM DAC.


The Square Tube® ensures smooth, precise musicality. Powered by high voltage, the output stage has no amplitude limits: signal dynamics remain natural. With a pure-analog output filter, the respect of phases ensures exceptional spatialization. You’re totally immersed in a three- dimensional soundstage!


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