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Teibar Stratus Invisible Loudspeaker

A new revolutionary loudspeaker to deliver the world’s most naturally reproduced sound, ever. Create a cloud-like veil of sound that fills your world with incredible music.

Using the latest Surface Sound Technology, Stratus transforms any listening space into an immersive sound system. Replacing a small section of your ceiling, it becomes seamlessly hidden. Enjoy movies, music and entertainment like never before. A truly natural sound, your way

Perfect for music, movies and media systems as part of a home entertainment system. Stratus is installed into your ceiling to create a cloud-like veil of sound throughout your listening space.

Spreading sound in all directions using Teibar Omni- Spread Technology, Stratus fills the space with even and consistent sound like no other. Engaging sound that comes from speakers you cannot see.

Stratus is the ultimate in aesthetic sound solutions. A fully hidden integrated loudspeaker, it takes all its design cues from the strength and weight of a bird of prey.

Much like the lightweight skeletal structure of a bird. Stratus mimics the strength and agility through use of a lightweight composite panel and tough high-impact polymer protective shell.

Built to be strong, stable and lightweight, Stratus is the ultimate way to enjoy aesthetically sensitive sound solutions.


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