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Shunyata Research Hydra Alpha 10 UK Power Conditioner

Exclusive UK Model Only

The Hydra Alpha A10 UK, part of our Performance Line of power distributors, delivers a legitimate wonder of design innovation by incorporating Shunyata Research’s most exclusive technologies within a product platform so affordable, so beautifully crafted, that it is unmistakable in its price category.

With ten outlets, the Hydra Alpha A10 UK is large enough to power entire systems, yet affordable enough to suit almost any budget or application.

Replete with the same patented science, custom parts and objective noise reduction that made the Triton v2 and Hydra Denali models famous, Hydra Alpha A10 UK delivers this technology in a stunning, yet affordable package.

Based on objective performance and hand-crafted quality, Hydra Alpha A10 UK is destined to become one of Shunyata Research’s most iconic products.Shunyata Research’s most iconic products.

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