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Review: Dr Feickert Blackbird Review

The greatest part of the Blackbird, however, is that feeling that you could put any piece of music on it and it would give it a fair rendering, constrained only by other parts of the audio chain. That, coupled with the sort of ease of use and assembly that might make Apple and Ikea blush, all makes for a surprisingly enjoyable experience. It creates confidence in the listener that their music will reproduce well, whether it’s Van Morrison singing ‘Stoned Me’ [Moondance, Warner], Scritti Politti’s vastly overproduced 80s pop [‘The Word Girl’, Cupid & Psyche 85, Virgin] or the sonic beauty of Berlioz [‘A Ball’ Symphonie Fantastique, NY Philharmonic, Mitropoulos, Columbia, Speakers Corner reissue]. The result is always the same. Music, enjoyable, entertaining, satisfying and without impact from the turntable at all.

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