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New Raidho Acoustics TD 6 Loudspeaker

Raidho TD6 Statement Loudspeaker the vision and concept the TD6 is a truly unique musical performer and intended for those who wishes to come as close to the “real thing” as possible. Even though it looks very similar to the highly acclaimed D5 and D5.1. The TD6 is a completely new development, only parts of the visual appearance look close to the previous models. The goal the ambitions of the TD6 are basically the same as any Raidho speaker, but this time at the extreme level.

We try to achieve:

•Extremely low level of noise / coloration of the sound •Dramatic, energetic sound with a very wide soundstage •Hear every detail, but no fatigue •Very easy to listen to •A unique sonic holography •The sound appears right out of the blue •Very authentic and close the original ribbon tweeter of course, the TD6 also builds on the legendary Raidho ribbon tweeter.

Actually, it is a Planar Magnetic Tweeter due to the tracks in the foil. The foil is only 20 milligram and 11 mikron thick, so it has 50 times less mass in comparison to a conventional dome tweeter. This means virtually no resonances or distortion. The breakup point is at an incredible 82 KHz! The result is clear and natural sound, like no other. All the details in the world, but no fatigue, no distortion, and no coloration! In this TD6 version of the tweeter, the foil itself has been upgraded to be able to handle even more power and higher dynamics.


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