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New Devialet Custom Speakers To Take On Bose & Sonos

Custom installers are being offered a deal that could see them dumping integrated Bose and 16bit speakers for an all new 24bit Devialet 5 Phantom Reactor speaker designed specifically for the custom installation market.

The size of big pineapple this new offering literally pumps out stunning sound and is only $2,500 a speaker.

Around the world retailers and premium hotel groups have taken to installing these speakers in their new premium hotels.

Devialet Custom Speakers

ChannelNews got to hear these speakers at a top floor suite in Sydney and I swear that when cranked up one would hear the sound 20 floors below in Darling Harbour.

Melbourne based distributor Aqipa has launched the Devialet Phantom Reactor Custom range, which adds extra connectivity and features such as easy integration into the Dante as well as Control 4 or Crestron system.

It can also be configured into a 5-speaker surround sound set up to deliver optimum home theatre audio.

The Phantom Reactor Custom speakers can be configured in AES/EBU balanced digital input and balanced analogue mono input. There’s IP control. All you need is a Denon, Marantz or Yamaha receiver.

According to Cameron Greig Sales Director at Aqipa the reaction from dealers who have been show the new Devialet offering has been “overwhelming.

“We are giving them a genuine solution to replace either Sonos or Bose speakers and make more margin. Both these brands have moved to grow their direct sales recently, these speakers also deliver 24bit output vs the 16bit of the Sonos speakers which is a big selling point for resellers” he said.

The new speakers have the same drivers and design as the original Phantom Reactor 600, offering 800 watts of power, IP44 certification so it’s splash-proof, and wired and network connectivity for an “unlimited” number of products in a system.

You can also pair larger Devialet Phantom speakers with the new custom speakers.

There are speaker stands and wall mounts, too, so you can have the speakers in a bookshelf, floor standing or wall-mount configuration, and in white or the latest matte black finish.


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