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Latest – Teibar Lunar Mini


For decades, the move to wireless technology has pushed us to desire technology that does not visually clutter our lives At Teibar, we were not just satisfied with the idea of hiding cables, we wanted to provide a solution that completely removes the aesthetic impact of a loudspeaker, allowing your media to seamlessly radiate throughout your living space, maximising the impact of your interior design without deterioration in sound quality.

Teibar Lunar Mini

The smallest loudspeaker Teibar makes, Lunar M1n1 uses state of the art Surface Sound Technology to deliver a fully immersive sound system with zero visual impact

Once installed, Lunar Mini becomes completely hidden behind a 2 mm plaster skim coat, which is then fully painted/ wallpapered over

Engineered and optimised for the precise mechanical and aesthetic performance of plasterwork, Lunar Mini uses the stiffness, weight and density of the covering coat to its advantage, allowing it to deliver great acoustic performance

Teibar Lunar Mini


A small loudspeaker, Lunar Mini provides good sound with no visual impact. A fully hidden integrated loudspeaker, it uses the latest materials to deliver great sound for background music and surround systems


With a high-impact polymer shell, Lunar Mini is built to be strong, stable and lightweight. A great way to en」oy aesthetically sens巾ve sound solutions

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