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KORA High Fidelity PR140 Tube Preamplifier

Like most Kora devices, the PR 140 is powered by the SquareTube® operational amplifier. Equipped with 4 triodes per channel, this innovative circuit gives the analog signal

all its qualities. The reproduction of the tiniest details, and a respected dynamic range, give the PR 140 preamplifier a smooth, precise musicality and a natural feel. You forget about the system, and immerse yourself completely in the three-dimensional soundstage. In addition to the basic functions (volume, balance), the PR140 lets you balance the level of each of the five inputs (one balanced, four coaxial). Outputs are energetic and assertive, even on long cables.

Your PR140 can be extended! This is an option you can add to your preamplifier. It comes in the form of a drawer that you can place yourself to extend the range of possibilities offered by your device. A phono option: so you can plug in your vinyl turntable (MM/MC), DAC option: for connecting your digital signals. (2 coaxial, 2 optical)

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