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HRS VXR Stand, Vortex and Helix Footers, and DPII Damping Plate review by Absolute Sound

"But using the HRS chassis noise-reduction system—the Vortex feet and the DPX Damping Plates—also provided musical benefits. They seemed to have a further calming effect when I listened to a variety of music. On a Hyperion recording of Stephen Hough titled The Final Piano Pieces, I found that the piano emerged with even greater clarity and, above all, gravitas. On the Intermezzo No. 1, the isolation system appeared to fortify the richness of the piano overtones, creating a sense of serenity and beauty. The solidity of the deepest bass notes had to be heard to be believed. The sense of calm, which the HRS products seem to impart, was well-nigh overwhelming".-Jacob Heilbrunn

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