top of page at the International Sight and Sound Exhibition 2018 was honored to be part of the annual International Sight and Sound Exhibition organized by Sound and Sight Journal in Parkroyal @ Kitchener Road hotel on the 16 to 18 Nov 2018. We had set up two rooms for the event, they are room 717 (consist of Audio Note, Dr. Feickert Analogue & Shunyata Research) and room 718 (consist of Borresen Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics, Ansuz Acoustics & Wadax). Our two rooms were constantly filled with visitors.

We were pleased to have Mr Michael Borresen and Mr Lars Kristensen to join us in the 3 day event. As this marked the first time in South East Asia that the Borresen Acoustics 01 monitor speakers been showcased for event. Friends of old and new were astonished by the sonic performance of the new Borresen 01 monitor speakers!

If you have missed the event, fret not as we have the Borresen Acoustics Borresen 01 monitor speakers in our showroom at The Adelphi, #03-35. Call us or walk in to audition the Borresen 01 monitor speakers, and be prepared to be swayed!


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