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Grand Prix Audio Monza equipment supports

“Much like room acoustics, you need to have the fundamentals, and a good stand is a fundamental.Our products are based on Newton’s law of equal and opposite that no one has gotten around. Energy will go where it’s going to go, in both directions. Whatever energy is not completely absorbed, ie, attenuated, is going to turn around and come back in again. If you’re trying to construct something that efficiently moves energy through something that has very little mechanical impedance—something that’s very stiff and strong—it will be very inefficient. Although a little bit of energy will get wasted as it moves through, the rest will just zip through it, turn around, and come right back again. That’s why we use materials to dampen vibration, the primary one being Sorbothane viscoelastic. They are essential.”-Alvin Lloyd, owner/designer of Grand Prix Audio.


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