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FREE YOUR SOUND with Teibar Invisible Speakers

The Power Of Invisibility

Teibar Invisible Speakers

Experience the most naturally reproduced sound ever with a Teibar multi-channel surround sound system. With everything you need for a 5.1 home theatre setup, you will be instantly immersed into the action, with sound moving seamlessly all the way from the front of the room to the back.

Teibar Surface Sound Technology unleashes the true potential of home theatre sound, giving the most engaging and enveloping listening experience possible. With sound being effortlessly spread throughout the entire room using the multi-directional nature of SST loudspeakers, every listener can experience the same breathtaking performance.

Share the enjoyment of film and free your sound with Teibar.


From engaging dialogue, fast paced dynamic sound effects, all the way through to earth shattering bass, Teibar 5.1 loudspeaker systems give you the full cinema experience at home.

With immersive loudspeakers, a powerful subwoofer and the latest electronics to drive it all, you can experience the entirety of the soundtrack, just as Hollywood intended.

Feel every emotion and the subtlety of sound as well as feeling the all-out power and impact of the action.

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