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Devialet Phantom Reactor 900 review: A speaker that screams quality

Devialet Phantom Reactor 900: Performance

What comes as a surprise with this speaker is its sound output, it is almost impossible to believe that a speaker of this size packs this much punch, But moving to the performance, let’s have a look at the specifications and technologies used in the speaker. The speaker comes with 2 aluminium bass drivers and one full-range drive. Apart from this, the speaker also comes with a wide range of codec support such as MP3, HE-AAC/AC, Lossless audio, WMA, WAB, FLAC etc. The speaker produces a total output of 900 Watts at a frequency response rate of 18Hz-21kHz. There are several proprietary technologies such as Heart Bass implosion, SAM etc.

Al these specifications combine to creates a fantastic sounding speaker that delivers a punchy bass as if it’s coming from a dedicated subwoofer unit, crisp and clear vocals and not so harsh treble. The 18Hz bass frequency range isn’t that common, and when the speaker comes alive, it literally shakes the surrounding walls with bass. The two aluminium drivers vibrate a lot when playing. Still hats off to the Devialet design, that only the bass drier vibrates but barely the rest of the speaker enclosure, keeping it completely stable.

The center mounted full range driver which is responsible for producing mids and highs does a really good job.

There’s no distortion at all even when playing at full volume.

As far as design is concerned, the Phantom Reactor 900 looks exactly like the other speakers in the Phantom series but in a smaller size. At 16 x 17 x 22xm and 4.3kg, The Reactor 900 not only weight 3 times less than the Phantom Gold, but also 1/4 the size of it.

The Phantom Reactor has almost everything a speaker should have, but we would appreciate if there are other features such as Google Assistant or Alexa support, etc.


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