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Kora is coming to Singapore

KORA is a French high-fidelity components company that specializes in creating innovative technologies for audio amplification. Kora has been around for a while but after 2014 it got a bit quiet until it relaunched in 2017 under the influence of Bruno Vander Elst. Their latest invention is the Kora Square Tube circuit, which is a revolutionary new way of using electronic tubes to amplify audio signals.

Unlike traditional tube amplifiers, the Square Tube circuit combines a differential stage and an output stage to form an operational amp, which is self-stabilizing and maintains perfect polarization of the tubes regardless of external factors. This results in a significantly improved audio quality and a more natural sound reproduction.

The Kora Square Tube circuit uses four tubes to make a single amplification stage and is powered by two highly regulated voltage supplies. The tubes are also heated in direct current, which further enhances the audio quality. The Square Tube circuit is not a transistor amplifier preceded by tubes but rather a tube amplifier assisted by transistors.

KORA's technology is perfect for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who are looking for the highest possible audio quality. The Kora Square Tube circuit provides all the functions of amplification and control of the audio signal, resulting in a pure and authentic sound.

More news to come in the weeks ahead!


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