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Avantgarde Acoustic New Colibri C2 Ultra High Performance Loudspeaker and C18 Sub

The Colibri C2 is a compact, two-way, ultra high performance loudspeaker system. It combines Avantgarde’s proven sound quality with extreme efficiency and an incredible maximum level (117 dB).

The Colibri C2 is built to last: Timeless design, the finest materials, and a focus on superior, stable, precision analog technology that eschews short-lived digital components

make the Colibri C2 a product that will perform for years. The Colibri C2's advanced analog transducer technology already exceeds the demands of future digital devel‐ opment.

Suitable for different living environments, the speaker is available in three contrasting color combinations. The system can be further customized via optional finishes for

the horn trumpets and speaker grill.

Low frequencies are very important for our sound environment. Add accurate, low bass notes and the realism of the reproduction improves significantly, with a sound that envelops the listener, bringing weight, body and musical authority.

The diaphragm of the C18 low bass module has a very large diameter of 460 mm and is capable of +/- 10 mm displacement. That allows the driver to move an air volume approximately nine times as great as a comparable 8” high-end bass driver.


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