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Audio Note (UK) Meishu Tonmeister 300B Integrated Amplifier

Finally.. we will be having the much taked about Audio Note Tonmeister 300b integrated amplifier in our showroom.

“I would use ‘everlasting’ to sum up my feelings about this combination with an 8-watt 300B amplifier and ultra-efficient speakers. To be more specific, it is calm yet not tranquil. Its delicateness lies in the expressiveness of the music, rather than deliberately showing off and magnifying the details. Its emotions and contagiousness stem from the sensory stimulus of its musical interpretation rather than mere sound effects. Musical details, contrasts and changes are clear, orderly and elegant, so that I can delve into meticulously savouring and interpreting the music. At the end of the day, the ultimate focus is music plus enjoyment! ”

HiFi Review – December 2019


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