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Dec 11, 2018

When it comes to gnomic discussions about cables, Ansuz gets close to winning the prize. Normally, when it comes to discussions about cables, there isn’t great deal to talk about, but what there is usually settles on the materials used in the conductors, the dielectric, the type of plugs used. Within these fairly limited parameters, things get a bit florid. You might start with ‘copper in a PTFE shield’ but by the end of the proceedings, it’s the finest filigree ductile cuprum, lovingly strand-casted by artisans then wrapped in the most sheer gauze of pure fluropolymer of tetrofluroethylene.

Ansuz doesn’t do that. Its X-Series – the brand’s entry-level cabling “is made of twisted, shielded, silver-plated copper solid-cores in mechanically stable Teflon insulation.” That is all you get from the brand. OK, so beyond this there are discussions about electrical and mechanical grounding and how important it is for an audio system. This includes discussions about why such things are important and upgrade paths to show just what can be done and just what can be made better, but even these discussions border on the descriptive, and are disturbingly free from hyperbole and gushing prose.

However, a lot of the technolgies used inside Ansuz cables that act on electrical grounding apply further up the price list. X-Series cables don’t have acronyms like DGC (Direct Ground Connector) or ‘AARC’ (Ansuz Advanced Resonance Control) because these are more complicated systems applied specifically to the more up-market cables in the Ansuz line-up. While X-Series is designed from scratch taking electrical grounding into consideration, it remains, ultimately, a series of ‘twisted, shielded, silver-plated solid cores in a mechanically stable Teflon insulation.’

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