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Ansuz New Powerbox

The Ansuz Powerbox is designed to be the necessary low voltage power supply for all D·TC Interconnects, and a big upgrade for the mains system, as it also adds a lot of Ansuz NSC® and ATC® technology to the 110/230V power-system. Even without any need for the low voltage, the Powerbox will be a great upgrade for any Audio/video system. Together with Ansuz D-2, D·TC and D·TC SUPREME cable series the Powerbox will be a huge upgrade as it can turn the interconnects and speaker wires from passive to active operation.

Ansuz Powerbox can provide individual power for up to 14 D·TC SUPREME, D·TC or D-2 cables separated in three groups; analogue, digital & phono. The Ansuz Powerbox has the best grounding in the market.


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