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AirTight ATE-3011 Reference Phonostage Is HERE!!!!!!!

ATE-3011 is Airtight’s latest photostage, born for music lovers who thoroughly enjoys the profound world of record reproduction. ATE-3011 is equipped with 5 equalizing curves (RIAA, NAB, AES, FFRR, & FLAT) for Turnover and Roll-Off, and can independantly select turnover and roll-off to create various curves to optimize for your vinyl collections. Large-size self-illuminating display and equalize curve selector switch offers easy change over between the equalizing curves which often requires intricate settings on other equalizer, and now music lovers can focus on appreciation of recorded music. With exhaustive listening tests and innumerable improvements, we finally achieved to non-coloration sound with heart-beating reality and noble. We have spent three years or more in development of the phonostage. ATE-3011, please “rediscover” the charm of your precious vinyl record collection.


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