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Lithosphere Labs was established in France with an aim to pursue excellence in music reproduction.

The products are a collaboration with experts from different domains like mechaanical design, structural analysis and material science.
Material selection, die casting process serves to eliminate unwanted vibrations in the leading up to our inaugural products.

The turntable, called Giverny, is inspired by off-road racing car design principles and combines postmodern design art and technology. The turntable features a chassis and deck frame made of die-casting aluminum alloy, with a four-point balance inverted cradle structure and eight springs and eight shock absorbers for vibration decoupling and equilibrium. The tonearm base has VTA adjustment function and is compatible with tonearms from 9 to 12 inches. The motor system uses a German speed controller with independent pure analog power supply for speed precision of 0.003 revolutions and three speeds of 33, 45, and 78 revolutions, with automatic and manual speed adjustment modes. The turntable aims to combine technology with a music presentation full of colors and vibes, inspired by the home of Impressionist master Monet.

The isolation platform, CF1, CF2 and CF3. They incorporate the original AVD & AER die-casting chassis suspension technology of the renowned turntables into an audio equipment rack.

The CF1 rack features eight shock absorbers and eight spring precision shock absorbers, with a chassis and deck made of die-cast aluminum and a four-point balance inverted cradle structure for vibration decoupling.

The CF2 rack uses composite passive damping technology, with pillars made of heat-treated aviation aluminum alloy and connections made of a special alloy for increased isolation. Both racks use AVD technology in their lower frames and large base spider feet for isolation.

The CF1 and CF2 racks can be used together, with adjustable spacing between each layer to match equipment size.

The CF3 is available in two versions in loading weight : 60kg and 80 kg for small and medium-sized equipment such as CD player, pre-amplifier, DAC, turntable, and for large equipment such as power amplifiers. Both versions has a grounding connection on the middle at the rear side. The position of each corner can be adjusted independently and our suspension can provide a high level of isolation for frequency from 15 HZ upward.

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Welcome to the most exhilarating, uncompromising, natural and by far the most extraordinary speaker system in the world, the Trio. The unique Trio.

Unique because its indescribable sound transports the listener without detours to a place where everything mundane is forgotten. World off. Music on.

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