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Featured ProductAudio Note Ongaku, a true legend in the audiophile world

At the time it was introduced, it was normal to expect higher and higher power as you climb the price ladder and hierarchy, so a 27 watt integrated amplifier selling for S$160,000 was mind blowing. Those who listened to it though were either impressed, in awe or in love with the sound it could weave.

It becames the dream amplifier to own and for the fortunate few with deep enough pockets, the priviledge of listening to a truly emotive and touching sonic presentation as and when they wish to.

It is repleted with level 5 components such as Audio Note silver wired driver transformer on a double AN-Perma 50 nickel C-core, Audio Note 2 watt Tantalum resistors, Black Gate electrolytics, in-house designed and made Audio Note 99.99% pure silver wired double AN-Perma 50 nickel C-core output transformer and more.

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Leben CS300XS Integrated Valve Amplifier Leben Hifi Witch Doctor
sMS-1000U Music Server SotM Audio Stream
sMS-1000SQ music server SotM PT Audiophile
DX-USB HD SotM 6moons
sMS-1000D Server SotM 6moons
sPS-1000 DAC SotM 6moons
sMS-100 Network Streamer SotM HeadMania
SOtM sMS-1000 Audiophile Music Server Review SotM Computer Audiophile
An Effective Dem from Shunyata Stillpoints Stereophile
Ultra 5, Ultra SS, Ultra Mini and Ultra Base Stillpoints hif-advice

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Latest Updates
13 August 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...THE HOME THEATER REVOLUTION

What is Phantom 5.5 ?
Phantom 5.5 takes you on totally immersive home theater experience with the ultra dense sound with physical impact.

5 Phantom, 5 Subwoofers
Phantom emits frequencies from 16 Hz to 25 KHz making it the only speaker of its size able to reproduce low frequencies down to infrasound.
In a PHANTOM 5.5 configuration, the speakers will operate as subwoofers for a 5x more powerful experience

THE ULTIMATE ... [ » more ]

Phantom Sale Offer Extended till 15th Aug 2016 !!
10 August 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Attention all Phantom's users!

For this month of July, Devialet offers to all customers who are purchasing their second Phantom, with the free offer of a Dialog and a remote! That is a savings of SG$788.00 !!

All you need is to present us with the invoice/receipt of your first Phantom purchased before July 2016, and you qualify for this free offer when you purchase your next Phantom speaker.

Remember this offer ends on 15th August! Promotion ... [ » more ]

Pre-Audio ASP-1501
5 August 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Belt-driven turntable with air-bearing tangential tonearm. Comes with external air compressor and power supply. Combining the beauty of sound and sight in one elegant package. Now on demo in our ... [ » more ]

Devialet 1000 PRO
2 July 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Since Devialet unveiled their D-Premier to the world in 2010, they’ve not stopped amazing us with an almost continuing string of ‘Game Changing’ products and innovations enough to turn the usually conservative world of high-end audio world on its head.

The single D-Premier amplifier had subsequently spawn a whole series of unparalleled amplifiers today known as le 120, 200, 400 mono and 800 mono. Every model having gained consistently high praises from a whole army of ... [ » more ]

Shunyata Denali - The Next Generation
29 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Designed to perfect the listening experience, the NEW DENALI Series power conditioners incorporate the absolute latest technologies from Shunyata Research. Proving yet again why Shunyata is light years ahead of the rest with regards to AC power ... [ » more ]

Devialet Phantom Gold
28 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Devialet’s Phantom speakers has earned a staggering reputation within two years of its introduction as the most ‘exciting’ audio product in the market today! They continue to sell in large numbers on a daily basis to various customers of widely differing music taste as well as genres.

As sales increased at exponential rates, the demand for even higher performance by various customers and users becomes more urgent. We are proud to announce the all new ultimate Phantom ... [ » more ]

Auralic Aries Series Streamers - Launching Soon!!
24 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...ARIES Mini

ARIES MINI is a wireless streaming node designed for connecting to your existing home audio system. It not only has shared all software and hardware functions coming from original ARIES, but also equipped with additional high quality analog output and optional hard drive slot for anyone whom don’t want to invest for a dedicate DSD DAC and NAS drive.

ARIES MINI can stream high-resolution music quickly and wirelessly in virtually any sampling rate, ... [ » more ]

Avantgarde Acoustic Wins Top German Brand Award
23 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...The almost unimaginable has happened: Avantgarde Acoustic has been awarded with the 'German Brand Award 2016 Gold'! On 16th June 2016, Holger Fromme, the founder and MD received the award statue from the hands of Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council.

The award ceremony was held in the classy premises of the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum in Berlin, and it was an amazing honor to be part of an exclusive attendance list that comprised leading people ... [ » more ]

Introducing Devialet 1000 Pro !!!
22 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Launching soon.

With the new Expert PRO line, Devialet engineers have once again pushed back the frontiers of audiophile performances. Today, we are proud to introduce our latest technical masterpiece: the 1000 PRO.

With 5 new patents, a power output of 1000 Watts and unprecedented performance, Devialet unveils a breathtaking piece of engineering. The measured amplification of the 1000 PRO is now best-in-class at all power levels.

THD+noise : 0,00025 ... [ » more ]

Avantgarde Trio XD
16 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...It has been some time since we last demo the Avantgarde Trio speakers here at our showroom. What better time than with the recent announcement of the new ‘XD’ versions of Avantgarde speakers to re-launch the unparalleled Trio series speakers here?

We’re very glad to be receiving the latest ‘State of Art’ Avantgarde Trio XD speaker system in the coming weeks. This is the latest version of this awesome speaker system with their latest XD full active programmable digital ... [ » more ]

Raidho Speakers Return
9 June 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...From its inception, Raidho Acoustics speakers had immediately impressed all who have had the opportunity to listen to them. Within a very short span of time Raidho speakers gained market position as one of the undisputed leaders in terms of sound quality as well as unparalleled leading edge technologies in loudspeakers design and manufacture.

Audio Note S’pore is indeed proud to be associated with Raidho Acoustics as their Distributor for Singapore and ... [ » more ]

Harmonic Resolution Systems new SXRC Series Amp Stand
17 May 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Have you seen or heard of HRS new SXRC Series Amp Stand? This is a custom version of the SXR Stands that is designed to fit every amplifier in the world. Unlike the SXR Stand, the SXRC comes in a large matrix of sizes from 15" W x 21" D to 23" W x 31" D. The stand is infinitely vertically configurable so it is available as a 1 tier to 4 tier amp stand and higher and is an innovative, beneficial and complimentary addition to the SXR.

The SXRC is totally custom-made ... [ » more ]

Devialet special trade-in offer!
16 May 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...Attention to all those contemplating to purchase Devialet Expert series amplifers, From now till August 31st 2016. We are offering a 15% discount on any trade-in of audio electronics products. Please visit our showroom at 1 Coleman Street, #01-23, The Adelphi. Singapore 179803, or call: +65 63361450/63347639 for more information and details of this ... [ » more ]

Shunyata MPC-12A Special Promotion
27 April 2016

Click on image to read the full article ...The MPC-12A power conditioner has two independent zones of 6 outlets each, for a total of 12 outlets. This allows for the normal segregation of analog and digital components or between amplifiers and source components. The "A" designation stands for audio although it can also be used in all forms of audio/video systems.

At the core of the MPC-12A are Shunyata¡¯s latest generation of CCI™ (Component-to-Component Interference) filters. These powerful ... [ » more ]

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1 September 2016, Thursday

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Peter Qvortrup of Audio Note UK on Enjoy the Music.TV

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Safe 'n quick shipping, responsive 'n courteous, was just as stated, Perfect: This was, in a few words... The Art of the Perfect Deal -- ...

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pre-owned items
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Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

Audience Adept Response aR12 - price reduced
Audio Research Reference 5 SE - price reduced
Linn Akurate DS Media Player - price reduced
McIntosh MCD1100 SACD/CD Player
McIntosh 60th Anniversary MC22 & M75 Pre & Power
KEF Reference 201/2 Loudspeakers
  Totem Acoustics ARRO Speakers, pair
  Aural Symphonics Purple V3 Speaker Cables 2.5m
  Musical Fidelity A3.2 Pre-amplifier
  Musical Fidelity A3.2 Power Amplifier
  Musical Fidelity A3.2 CD Player
  KEF Reference 201/2 xl Speakers pair
  Clearaudio Performance DC Turntable
  Zanden Phono Stage 1200Mk3
  Ortofon A90 Phono Cartridge
  Olive 4HD Music Server
  AudioNote AN-SPE17 Speaker Cables 2.5m, Pair Spade
  Air Tight ATM-211 Monoblock Amplifiers
  Ayre C5-xe SACD player
  Meridian Sooloos Media Source 600, Media Drive 600
  JPS Labs Superconductor 3 RCA Interconnect 1 pair
  Acrolink 6N-S5000 Speaker Cables Banana Connectors
  Acrolink 6N-S5000 Speaker Cables Spade Connectors
  Acoustic Revive RTP-4 Ultimate Power Strip
  Meridian G08 CD Player
  Weiss Man301 Streamer
  Revel Ultima Studio 2 Speakers
  Valhalla V2 Power Cord
  Art Audio Carissa Signature Stereo Amplifier
  Spendor Classic SP100R2 Loudspeakers
  Tara Labs The One AC Power Cord 20amp 1.8M
  Shunyata Ztron Python RCA Interconnect 1 Meter
  Audio Note Conqueror Stereo Amplifier
  Avantgarde Duo G2 Speakers
  Kuzma Stogi Reference Tonearm
  NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC
  NAD M3 Dual Mono Integrated Amplifier
  Totem Acoustic Mani-2 Loudspeakers
  Focal Easya Wireless Speakers
  47 Labs 4717 Shigaraki Integarted Amp
  Audience Au24 Speaker Cables 3 Meter
  Kondo KSL-VcII XLR Interconnect 1.5M Brand New
  Kondo ACc-Persimmon Power Cord 2 Meter Brand New
  Soundsmith SG-200 Strain Gauge Cartridge
  Bel Canto Pre 3P-361 & Power Amp R5S-112
  Dynaudio M15 Speakers
  Linn Classik Music CD Integrated Amplifier
  Kondo KSL-VcII XLR Interconnect 1.5M
  Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference Preamplifier
  Lavardin IT Integrated Amplifier
  Artisan Fidelity SP-10 MK2
  Crystal Cable CrystalSpeak Ultra Speaker Cables 2M
  ALR Jordon Note 5 Speakers
  Rega Brio-R Integrated Amplifier
  Kiseki PurpleHeart MC Phono Cartridge
  Airtight ATC-2 PreAmp
  AMR Abbingdon Music Research DP-777 D/A Processor
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha Power Cord 2.5M C19
  Harmonix Golden Performance XLR Interconnect 1 M
  Wavac PR-T1 Preamplifier
  Audio Note CD 2.1x CD Player
  Shunyata ZTron Anaconda Interconnects RCA 1 Meter
  Sonus Faber Toy Speakers
  Audio Note DAC 0.1x
  Constellation Virgo II Preamplifier
  PurePower 1050 Power Conditioner
  Rega P5 TurnTable w/ Ortofon Quintet Red Cartridge
  Shunyata Anaconda Helix Alpha Power Cord 2.5M C15
  Harmonix HS101-GP-SUS XLR Interconnect 1M Pair
  MF M6SCD CD Player
  MIT MH-770 Spectral Ultralinear Ref II Spk cables
  Triode TRV-84 HD MKII Headphone Amplifier
  Acoustic Signature Final Tool MK II Turntable
  Air Tight ATM-211 Monoblock Amplifiers
  TW Acustic Raven AC Turntable
  Naim HiCap Power Supply
  Synergistic Research The Music Cable
  Tron Telstar Ultimate Power Amplifier
Gamut CD3 CD Player - price reduced
Constellation Audio Perseus Phono Preamplifier
Constellation Audio Argo Integrated Amplifier
PMC twenty.24 Loudspeakers
Living Voice Auditorium Avatar MkII - price reduce
Antipodes Reference Speaker Cables - 3m (Reduced)
Triangle Art Osiris 12" Tonearm - price reduced
Allnic Verito 'Z' MC Cartridge - price reduced
Helius Omega Silver-Ruby Tonearm - price reduced
Audio Note Quest 300B Monoblock - price reduced
Shunyata Zitron Alpha HC Power Cable
Musical Fidelity kW SACD Player
AMR CD-77 Compact Disk Processor - price reduced
Magnepan Mini Maggie Loudspeaker System
AMR CD777 CD Player
Lector Audio Digitube S-192 - price reduced
Audio Note Conqueror Stereo Power Amplifier
MBL C11 Preamplifier - price reduced
Brinkmann 10.5" Tonearm - price reduced!
Bel Canto Evo 200.2 power amp - price reduced
Ortofon ST-80 SE
McIntosh MC252 Power Amplifier
Leben RS-30EQ Phono Preamplifier
Lamm M1.2 Reference Monoblock Power Amplifier
Lamm LL2.1 Deluxe PreAmplifier
Tri-Planar Mk VII UII Tonearm
Ortofon SPU Royal GM MkII Cartridge
Ayre CX-7eMP CD Player
Stillpoints ESS 34-26-4 Audio Racks
Zanden Audio 5000 Mk IV DAC
Acrolink 7N DA5100 Mexcel digital - further reduce

Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

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pre-owned items
Click on the desired item to see it in single view mode. Updated: 30.8.16

Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

  Seymour AV Speaker Cables 3m pair
  Seymour AV Interconnect RCA 1m pair
  Shunyata Aries RCA Interconnect
  Ortofon 2m Black
  Shunyata Taipan Vx 1.8m
  Shunyata Python Helix Vx 1.8m
  Audience PowerCord C19 2.5m
  AudioDesk CD Lathe Sound Improver
  JPS Labs Superconductor FX RCA Interconnect 1m
  JPS Labs GPA 2 Power Cord
  JPS Labs Power AC+ Cord
  TAOC MDF sound board
  JPS Labs Superconductor Q RCA Interconnect 1 pair
  Wiredworld Super Nova 6 Optical Cable
  Atlas Audio Voyager RCA Interconnect 1m pair
  Richard Gray's RGPC 400 Pro AC Power
  Shunyata Zitron Alpha HC Power Cable
  Ortofon LH2000 Headshell
  Tara Labs The One AC Power Cord 20amp 1.2M
  Diva Audio M7 Preamp
  Acrolink 7N-DA2100 Digital Balanced Cable 1 Meter
  AET SIN Jumpers Spade
  Audience Au24 RCA Interconnects 1 Meter
  Audience Au24 RCA Interconnects .5 Meter
  Harmonix TU-812MK2 Tuning Analogue Record Clamp
  Blue Circle BC 85-1 Line Conditioner
  Naim Stageline Phono Stage
  Musical Fidelity V-Link192 USB-S/PDIF Converter
  Kingrex PSU MK2 Power Supply Unit
  XLO Signature 3 Balanced Audio Cables 1M
  Sonus Faber Toy Center Speaker
  Acoustic Revive USB 1.0SP USB Cable 1.5 Meter
  Rothwell MC Stepup Transformer
  Tara labs RSC Air 1
  Tubes for Leben RS100 Preamplifier
  Audience Powercord 'e' - 7 ft
  Harmonix X-DC2 Powercord - 1.5m
  ACQ Board - 60 x 120 x 3cm
  Kinergistics Research KBA-75 Class A Power Amp
  DS-25 Remaster-Ring
  Totem TAW 6.5 In-Wall/Ceiling Speakers
  Shunyata Venom powercord - 1.5m
  Advanced Acoustics Echo-Stick Acoustic Panel
  Advance Acoustic Corner Sound Trap Panel
Musical Fidelity A3 24 192K Unsampling DAC
Shunyata Taipan Helix Alpha 1.8m
Audio Note AN-S1 Step-Up Transformer
Oyaide STB-HW Vinyl Stabiliser
Linn Phono T-Kable
Ayre Multi-Component Backlit Remote Control
EAT EuroAudioTeam 300B Tubes 1Pair
Synergistic Research Tesla Ref XLR Interconnect 1M
Ortofon LH8000 Headshell
B&W CM1 Loudspeakers
Ortofon 2M Blue
Quad 11L Classic + stands
Shunyata Zitron Cobra Powercord - 1.75m C15
Naim Powerline Powercord - 2m
Calyx 24/192 DAC with Kingrex PSU MK II
Acrolink 6n PC-4030 power cord 1.5m
Goldmund Lineal Coaxial 1.5M
Icon Audio PS 1.2 phono stage Preamp
Hydra Stainless Steel Feet x 4
Kondo KSL SPc Speaker Cables 2.5M
Totem ROKK Speakers

Reserved |  Sold |  Price reduced

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