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Featured ProductOrtofon MC A95 Cartridge

Improving on perfection. Ortofon is proud to launch the MC A95, a world class moving coil cartridge to commemorate the 95th anniversary of Ortofon’s technical leadership in the audio industry. With the MC A95, the bar is raised for its predecessor, the MC A90. The MC A95 not only celebrates the past 95 years of Ortofon, first and foremost it also makes history by significantly raising the standards by which sound reproduction is measured, making it a celebration of sound itself. The new Ortofon MC A95 has gone to the next level by reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the dynamic capability of the cartridge. Our extensive knowledge of vibration properties, characteristics in different shapes and materials, competences in magnetism, mechanical design and new technologies has been applied for optimization of the MC A95. mc a95 frontThose who choose to adopt the MC A95 will experience the lifelike, open sound, with exceedingly clear midrange for a presentation that is unparalleled. The MC A95 remains extremely musical while paying close attention to micro dynamic details, with its delicate, but also analytical nature.

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Au24 SE Power, Au24 SE Interconnect, and Au24 SE Speaker Cables Audience Audio TAS
Hydra DPC-6 Digital Power Distribution Center Shunyata Research AudioStream
Au24 SE powerChords, Interconnects, and Speaker Cables Audience Audio SoundStage
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Latest Updates
Shunyata latest breakthrough, the Triton V2
26 May 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...The Shunyata HYDRA TRITON v2 has arrived! It represents a major material and measurable advance of the pioneering concept that made the original HYDRA TRITON the most professionally and critically acclaimed product of its kind.

The comprehensive updates includes:-

1. The Zero-Point Power Distribution System (ZPP-DS) a custom manufactured all-copper buss system linking all outlets to a single point of electrical contact.

2. Internally, ... [ » more ]

Ortofon HiFi Newsletter - May 2015
13 May 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...Ortofon HiFi Newsletter May edition is here. See the new product reviews and video highlights from the last few months.

Read about the Ortofon participation in Munich High End Show 2015 ... [ » more ]

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Charity Auction
5 May 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...On behalf of the team from, I thank all who participated in our fund raising auction. A total of $12,420 was raised for the Singapore Red Cross Nepal Relief Fund. 100% of the proceed has been donated to them and a receipt posted on the link below together with the list of winners in this bidding exercise.
Once again, thanks for your participation.

Desmond Poon
Audio Note S'pore

Results of ... [ » more ]

Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund Charity Auction
2 May 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...We received very enthusiastic response from participants for our 2nd round of bidding. Thank you all for joining us in this cause and congratulation to successful bidders.

We look forward to a good round of final bidding ending 4 May 2015 at 1500 hrs. All proceeds will be donated to Singapore Red Cross Nepal Earthquake Relief ... [ » more ] sponsoring X30 Challenge Singapore - Go-karting at its best
27 April 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...We are proud to support our local sporting scene and are sponsoring again for this year X30 Challenge Singapore at KF1 Karting Circuit, 1 Turf Club Avenue. Click the link below for more ... [ » more ]

Transfiguration in Malaysia
20 April 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...Transfiguration cartridges have been making waves in the market for the last few years, with rave reviews in all the major audio magazines. So much so that it is now considered as genuinely one of THE top high end cartridges manufacturers in the world today!

We are thus proud and happy to announce that Audio Note S’pore has just been appointed as official distributor in Malaysia. With this appointment, we hope to see a much wider exposure and appreciation of these ... [ » more ]

New Shunyata Venom Adaptors
1 April 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...Shunyata Research is excited to announce the creation of a solution to the miniature AC power inlet problem. Many DVD players, video projectors, computers, music servers and other audio-video components use the small IEC power connectors that make it impossible to use a high performance power cord.

We have created a line of VENOM MINI-ADAPTERS that allow you to plug-in one of our high-end power cords to virtually any of these components. We make all three of the most ... [ » more ]

Audio Note CDT-Six and Fifth Element DAC
30 March 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...Tour de force, assault on the State-of-the-Art, Master stroke, these and a few other elite epithets can be applied to the astounding combination of Audio Note's CDT-SIX/ DAC5 Fifth Element with their separate power supply compliment of the Six Force/Fifth Force.

The CDT-Six is constructed from solid copper slabs, A very heavy low resonance floating sub chassis is used for the Philips CDM Pre CD mechanism, configured as an optically sealed, magnetically clamped ... [ » more ]

Ortofon MC A95 - has arrived!
13 February 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...To commemorate Ortofon¡¯s 95th anniversary, the world¡¯s leading manufacturer of high quality phono cartridges are proud to launch the limited edition MC A95, imbued with all the latest technological knowhow at their current disposal.

After the huge success of the earlier A90, the new Ortofon MC A95 has gone to the next level by further reducing unwanted vibrations and increasing the dynamic capability of the cartridge.

The skeletal body, ... [ » more ]

Shunyata DFSS
6 February 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...The Shunyata Research DF-SS (Dark Field Suspension System) is the latest generation of their very successful Darkfield series of cables elevators.

In addition to the patented material used in the original DFE and DFE V2 that dissipates static energy, the DSFF incorporates 2 forms of vibration isolation that quiets energy transfer between the floor and any cable product.

The most significant advance applied to the DF-SS is the wide band cable suspension bridge, ... [ » more ]

Constellation CES 2015 preview
15 January 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...Dear Constellation Audio Partners,

CES 2015 is now history, and what a successful show it was! In our suite, we achieved excellent sound playing the Inspiration PREAMP 1.0 and a pair of MONO 1.0s driving Wilson Audio Sasha 2s, with the signal coming from the Cygnus Media Player/DAC. The system was supported with racks from our friends at HRS, speaker cable and interconnects from WireWorld, line conditioning from Shunyata, and room treatments from Stillpoints. The ... [ » more ]

The CopperCONN™ Connector: Exclusively Shunyata Research
14 January 2015

Click on image to read the full article ...It's all about the details, here Caelin Gabriel points out the small details that cumulatively makes a great cable. In the video below, he is seen going into details of the connectors Shunyata uses for their ... [ » more ]

Aesthetix Romulus - TAS Product of the Year!
5 December 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...Aesthetix is proud to announce new honours for

Romulus DAC and CD Transport

TAS Product of the Year and TAS Golden Ear Award Winner!

“This all-tubed CD player and DAC is one of the greatest bargains in high-end audio today. What makes the Romulus special is that it sounds so "un-digital," particularly at this price. Rather than sounding flat and congealed, the Romulus opens up the spatial presentation and gives instruments and voices room to breathe. ... [ » more ]

Latest Review on the Inspiration Series
4 December 2014

Click on image to read the full article ...The newest issue of The Absolute Sound magazine is now out, and we must say that it is truly INSPIRATIONal! The issue features an in-depth review of the PREAMP 1.0, STEREO 1.0, and MONO 1.0 written by editor-in-chief Robert Harley.

Along with the stellar review comes awards, and we are pleased to announce that the Inspiration PREAMP 1.0, the Inspiration STEREO 1.0, and the Inspiration MONO 1.0 have been awarded The Absolute Sound’s 2014 Product of the Year Awards in ... [ » more ]

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  Audio Note Quest 300B Monoblocks Amplifier
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  Magnepan Mini Maggie Loudspeaker System
  Naim NAIT XS Integrated Amplifier
  Naim CD5XS CD Player
  Naim HiCap Power Supply
  Acustic Arts Drive 1 CD Player
  Bluenote Stibbert CD Player
  Audio Note CDT Zero/II
  Mastersound 845 Monoblock plus Amplifier
  Audience AU24 SE Phono cable - 1m
  Synergistic Research The Music Cable
  Brinkmann 10.5" Tonearm
  Antipodes Reference Speaker Cables - 3m
  Vitus Audio Masterpiece MP-L201 Linestage
  Calyx CTI Integrated Amplifier
  Triangle Art Osiris Tonearm - 12"
  AMR CD777 Compact Disk Processor
  Manley Lab MAHi Monoblock Amplifier
  Neodio NR22 Transport + DAC
  Neodio NR22 CD Player
  Lector Audio Digitube S-192 - price reduced
  Allnic Verito 'Z' MC Phono Cartridge
Acoustic Revive RTP-6 Ultimate Power Conditioner
Martin Logan Odyssey Electrostatic Speakers
Transparent MusicWave Super Bi-wire speaker cables
Klipsch RF-7 II Floorstanding Speakers
Tron Black Label Syren Preamplifier
German Physiks The Subwoofer And Centre Speaker
German Physiks The Carbon Speaker-further reduced
Bel Canto Evo 200.2 power amp - price reduced
Audio Note Vindicator Amplifier
Audio Note DAC 3.1x Balanced
Lehmann Black Cube Decade Phono Stage with PWX II
Audio Note DAC 3 Signature
Nottingham Ace Spacedeck TT with Ortofon Arm - 9"
Acrolink 7N-D5000 RCA Interconnect - 1.5m
47 Lab 4706-50 Gaincard Amplifier with PSU
Shunyata Ztron Python C19 Powercord - 1.75m

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