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Shunyata Research Sigma V2 XC C19 Power Cord 1.75M *Like new*


*Original price SGD5,140
*Very good condition.
*Comes with an original packaging.

Product Description

Reference XC cables are designed specifically to optimize the performance of Shunyata Research power conditioners. The Sigma v2 XC cables eschew noise reduction features in favor of enhanced DTCD (dynamic transient current delivery). Using proprietary conductors and parts developed for the Omega XC, the Sigma v2 XC delivers pace-setting DTCD™ instantaneous current delivery, optimizing power conditioner and high-current amplifier performance.

Application: The Sigma v2 XC is an ideal power cable for your Shunyata Research power conditioner while the Sigma v2 NR provides noise reduction to the source components. The Sigma v2 NR provides great performance for all of the source equipment like CD players, DACs, tuners and preamplifiers.

Every facet of the Sigma v2 XC power cord has been refined to deliver measurably superior Dynamic Transient Current Delivery.
DTCD™ Analysis is a technique that measures instantaneous current through low impedance electrical conductors and contacts. Shunyata Research uses it to optimize the design, specification and construction of parts and materials to ensure maximum current delivery performance. Each part, conductor, noise circuit and material inside the Sigma v2 XC allows for maximum throughput of instantaneous current.
Listeners will experience earth-shaking low-frequency performance from even the highest-current amplifiers as well as dynamic contrasts unheard of outside of a live event. More than any other design parameter, Shunyata Research’s skill in eliminating resistance and maximizing peak-current delivery is unmatched.

Reference model cables feature an advancement in conductor technology that combines the transient speed and definition of pure silver with the warmth, power, and body of pure copper. VTX-Ag has a core conductor of pure silver with an outer concentric conductor of high-purity OFE copper. VTX-Ag provides significant improvements in dynamics, timing precision, and low-level resolution while preserving the subtle tonal, textural, and timbral signatures that bring music to life.

Shunyata Research has developed its own line of CopperCONN™ connectors that feature solid copper contacts that have superior conductivity compared to bronze or brass contacts used in common connectors.
These connectors are not just beautiful, they functionally reduce micro-distortions. They are hermetically sealed with an electrically inert compound that protects the contacts and wires from corrosion. This also ensures that the wires cannot become loose, fray or pull out from the head shell. This guarantees a lifetime of reliable performance that does not degrade over time.

The proprietary Shunyata Research, Kinetic Phase Inversion Process was created to significantly reduce the amount of time required to burn-in cables and power conditioners. It also has a performance enhancing effect above and beyond simply burn-in.
Four days of continuous KPIP™ processing dramatically reduces the ups and downs for new equipment and significantly improves sonic performance, delivering a relaxed and life-like presentation.


Wire: 06 VTX-Ag
Dielectric: fluorocarbon
Connectors: CopperCONN™
Solid copper contacts
Flash of nickel for corrosion protection
Superior Contact Grip
NR Noise Reduction: NA
Length: 1.75 meters

Return & Refund Policy

• All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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