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Shunyata Research PS8 Power Distributor *SOLD*


Very good condition.

Product Description

The Shunyata Venom PS8 power distribution strip will revolutionize the way you hear music. At this price, PS8 stands to bring outstanding power distribution to thousands of listeners that previously couldn't afford prior Shunyata products and refused to compromise with competitors' lesser-made models. In terms of looks, quality, value, and performance, PS8 outclasses every other under-$2k product in its class. It uses the same SR-Z1 outlets, ZPDS buss-bar system, and 20-Amp IEC as Shunyata's benchmark-setting Hydra Triton power conditioner. That's right: Reference-level technology, premium materials, and Shunyata's renowned performance for a very affordable price.

"The eminently affordable Venom Series power products from Shunyata blindsided me...they clarified and fine-tuned timber and character, and released hidden musicality from my system. Bravo for designing a system that acknowledges the fact that not everyone has the cash, space, or inclination to run dedicated lines...take note: You'll never look at power strips and AC power in the quite the same way again!"
– Neil Gader, The Absolute Sound, Golden Ear and Editors' Choice Awards

Reference-Level Technology and Features at Unheard-Of Price Point
The US-made Venom PS8 is loaded. Featuring eight outlets, dual 12-gauge Cyrogenic conductors, a C-19 IEC inlet, Carling Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker, massive all-steel construction, and brushed stainless-steel appearance, it boasts a powerful 20-Amp continuous rating and unlimited instantaneous current capability. It grants high-power amps and power-hungry video systems their required current headroom. Such characteristics are unheard-of at this price point.

Venom PS8 is First Thing Your Components Will See: Up to 20Amps of Continuous Power
Outside of room acoustics, there's no more important chain in a system than power. PS8 is the ideal low-impedance pathway for power to get to components. Your gear lives and breathes on current. PS8 should be seen as the brains of your audio system, delivering up to 20Amps of continuous power. PS8 is the first element of the power chain your components will see. True to its unique philosophy and unsurpassed electrical knowledge, Shunyata built PS8 to un-complicate instantaneous current delivery. Designed for use with other Venom Series products such as Shunyata's Venom Defender and Venom Power cords, Venom PS8 represents the cornerstone of a great power delivery system.

"In fact, every recording, good or bad, was similarly improved in terms of soundstaging, dimensionality, and high-frequency refinement – with absolutely no downside whatsoever. Can you really ask for more?"
– Doug Schneider, SoundStage! Global

Made for Power-System Expansion, Audiophile Systems, and Home Theaters
Developed using Shunyata's DTCD Analysis tool, PS8 is designed for three different applications: Home-theater systems (particularly those with multiple amplifiers), existing reference-grade power-system expansion (here are the extra outlets for your existing power conditioners), and purist audiophile setups (power distribution without surge protection or noise filtration). Its superior contacts and outlets--combined with a breaker that provides lower noise and exceptional high-current performance--mean your components will perform at maximum levels when plugged into this wonderfully narrow devices.


– Max Input: 240V~
– Output: 240V~ unregulated

– Max current: 20 Amps (continuous)
– Peak instantaneous current: >100 Amps @ 8.33ms

– Electromagnetic breaker

– Inlet: IEC C20
– Outlets: 8 NEMA 5-20R (3-pin, 20A)

– Dual 12 gauge conductors
– OFE C10100 Copper (Certified ASTM F68)

– 16 gauge powder coated steel
– Brushed stainless steel top-plate
– Vibration dampening (chassis)
– AC outlet dampening gaskets
– Shunyata’s Isolation Footers

– Length: 20.5 inches
– Width: 3.8 inches
– Height: 3.3 inches
– Height (w/SSF-38): 4.25 inches

Return & Refund Policy

• All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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