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GE JAN 6072A Vintage Tube (set of 2)*Price reduced*



*2 set available
*Good condition.
*Made In USA
*These tubes were selected by Kondo-San of Kondo (Japan)

Product Description

General Electric is known for producing many of the best tubes ever made in the USA. The 5751 and 6550 tubes from G.E. are simply the best. This 6072A tube continues the tradition. This tube has plates that are 25% to 30% larger than the Electro-Harmonix and have unequaled build quality. The glass envelopes, mica wafers, and plate assemblies are all built with precision and well assembled. The plate coating is glossy black, making them easy to spot.


Return & Refund Policy

• All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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