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Devialet Expert 400 Mono Integrated Amplifier *Price reduced*



*Retail price SGD24,300
*Excellent condition with box.
*No core infinity.
* Built-in MM or MC phono stage and DAC

Product Description

The Devialet 400 is the dual mono-block system that you have been waiting for! This product occupies the first rank in terms of performance, ease of use and compactness, and enables you to control any speakers on the market with disconcerting ease.If you still had any doubts about the improvements brought about by a dual-mono solution, come listen to it and allow yourself to be seduced by its perfection.

Aesthetics and ergonomics can compete with virtually anything—integrated or separates. The high gloss black chrome finish and clean lines will dazzle your senses. An outstanding level of system flexibility is provided for both analog and digital connectivity. Multiple inputs and outputs can be programmed for your specific system configuration and listening needs. It does not end there. Through their Speaker Active Matching (SAM) software, Devialet provides an additional tool that can correct performance abnormalities specific to your speaker brand and model. Even analog fanatics will find that cartridge setup flexibility (for gain and loading) and the drop dead quiet performance of the phonostage are absolutely amazing.

Let's not forget the Record Active Matching (RAM) feature for implementing the correct RIAA curves for your specific record collection, the DSD Core feature for transporting DSD over PCM for your high resolution DSD files, or the AIR feature for music streaming up to 24-bit/192kHz.
All inputs are processed in the digital domain. Analog inputs are converted to digital via the internal DAC (Burr-Brown PCM1792). You can select a sample rate of 96 or 192kHz. Digital inputs are acceptable up to 24bit/192kHz and are upsampled to 384kHz. A switch-mode type power supply is also utilized to save space and weight. The two modules are linked by a digital interconnect provided by Devialet and manufactured by Crystal Cable. Of course, you have the flexibility to experiment with other brands and models. Linked together, the two modules work in a Master/Companion type configuration.

Network access is possible through an Ethernet connection or via the use of the AIR app which needs to be installed on your PC or MAC. Additional inputs include Asynchronous USB, TosLink, mini-Toslink, and AES/EBU. It is also possible to turn a coaxial input into an output or use the USB port as an output. This might come in handy when trying to digitize vinyl. Analog inputs include one singled ended line level and one single ended phono. Balanced inputs are not provided.


Exclusive technologies:
ADHV2®, SAM®, EVO®, DAC Magic Wire®, RAM®

Daisy chaining:
Up to 8 units

Phono stage:
Advanced (MM / MC)

Pre-amplified output:
Patented Magic Wire Digital / Analogue Converter, D/A T.I. PCM1792
Unique high-precision MasterClock with very low jitter: 2ps RMS
Conversion of all inputs into 24-bit/192 kHz

Dark chrome | Casing carved out from a single aluminium block

Power Supply:
Universal 90-240Vac – 50/60Hz
Power cable provided adapted to the country
Patented single stage switching mode topology
High power level: 600W continuous, 4000W peak


2x400 Watts RMS under 6Ω

Distortion at full power:
0.00025% THD+N

Distortion at full power:
0,0001% (10W / 6Ω)

Distortion at 10w:
0.0001% THD+N

Signal-to-noise ratio:

Output impedance:

Damping factor:

DC-30kHz @ -0.1dB
DC-95kHz @ -3dB

Phase rotation:
0.2° at 20kHz
0.9° at 40kHz

Return & Refund Policy

All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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