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Avantgarde Acoustic Uno Fino Edition XD Loudspeaker *SOLD*


*Excellent condition. No box.
*Few months old

Product Description

Introducing the UNO fino edition, the new entry-level speaker concept by Avantgarde Acoustic. Bringing the virtues of the UNO XD to a smaller cabinet, by adapted driver technologies, and by a redeveloped active subwoofer design.
Opening new opportunities to those who are seeking for a “classical” Avantgarde look at a more affordable price point. Already the UNO XD clearly outlines what is achievable with using Avantgarde‘s spherical horn technology from 290 Hz and up: a finely contoured, crisp and open sound, with rich voices and instruments, presented with a unique life-like easiness and authority. The UNO fino edition now conveys these virtues, effectively trickling the essential technologies of the UNO XD down to a more compact and more affordable package. Still full-range (30-20000 Hz), still extremely efficient (107dB/W/m), still “true to life” when it comes to dynamic musical challenges. A worthy addition to the UNO line of products by Avantgarde Acoustic, and another horn speaker statement in sound quality.

107 dB efficiency
18 Ohm drivers with double-ferrite magnets
500 mm spherical midrange horn
CDC system w/o passive filter
100 V CPC crossover design
subwoofer with DSP control
1 x 10 inch bass drivers, bass reflex
500 W bass amplifier

Midrange Horn:
Horn type - Spherical horn
Horn material - ABS, pressure molded
Horn finish - polished and lacquered
Horn dispersion angle - 180 degrees
horn mouth area - 0,196 sqm
horn diameter - 500 mm
horn length - 280 mm
CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic) - yes
Horn Driver:
membrane diameter - 127 mm
membrane material - Soft Mesh
magnet material - Double-Ferrite

Tweeter Horn:
Horn type - Spherical horn
Horn material - ABS, pressure molded
Horn finish - polished and lacquered
Horn dispersion angle - 180 degrees
Horn area - 0.013 sqm
Horn diameter - 130 mm
Horn length - 65 mm
Horn Driver:
Membrane diameter - 25 mm
Membrane material - Mylar
Magnet material - Ferrite

Subwoofer Driver:
Driver diameter - 250 mm/10“
Membrane material - ladled paper
Magnet material - Ferrite
Drivers per subwoofer - 1

Subwoofer Amplifier:
Amplifier power (RMS) - 500 Watt, Class-D
Active crossover - programmable by built-in DSP
Subsonic filter - programmable by built-in DSP
12V trigger input - yes
Limiter - yes
Programmable via LAN/USB - -/yes
Inputs, switchable - 1 x speaker-level and 1 x XLR (f)
Loop-through output - 1 x XLR (m)

Mechanical Construction:
Footing - 4 custom made spike cones with precision adjusting mechanism
Frame - Base frame from solid casted aluminium
Subwoofer cabinet - Reinforced construction from 30 mm MDF
Subwoofer front cover - Detachable cloth cover
Operation indicator - LED at subwoofer logo panel
Horn mounting - Threaded connection for midrange and tweeter horns
bass concept - bass reflex (down firing)


Frequency Response:
Satellite 290 - 20000Hz
Subwoofer 18 - 500Hz

Power Capacity:
50 Watt
Sensitivity (1 Watt / 1 m):
Crossover Frequencies:
Nominal Impedance:
18 Ohm
Recommended Amplification:
>10 Watt
Recommended Room Size:
>130 sqft / 12 sqm
Omega Voice Coils:
Frequency Crossover With Air-Lowpass FIlter:
CPC Crossover (Patent Pend.):
Horn Colors:
Light Amber Bronze
Cabinet Finish:
Black Satin

Return & Refund Policy

• All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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