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We will be participating in the coming International Sound & Sight Exhibition 2018 from 16 To 18 November, 11.00am to 7.00pm at Parkroyal Hotel. Will have Two Rooms 717 & 718 this time. The First Room will feature Audio Note, Shunyata Denali & Dr.Feickert products. For the Second Room, we will feature HRS, Aavik, Ansuz, Raidho, Wadax & Borresen Acoustics.

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Last updated: 25 Nov 2017

Hi David,

Wanted to let you know how happy I am with it! Wow. Significant improvement in my system. Much more detail, and clarity. Bottom end is more pronounced and warmer, and the mid/highs are crisper, finer, with more zing. The imaging also seems to be better, not sure if that's even possible? The sound stage just feels a lot more structured and more present.

Anyway, long story short, seems like a great match for my system. Thanks so much for this quality product.

Adrian Janssen

I was lucky enough to be in your showroom last week and had a chance to listen to Avantgarde Duo Mezzo speakers with Audio Note power amplifier which sounded the best my ears ever heard. I was amazed!!

Mike Milczarczyk

Hi Joseph,
Your service levels were extraordinary and I thought you basically made us buy this.

Rahul Ahuja

I would like to commend that David is a great before and after service guy. Patience, listen, never over promise and I should say - impeccable services rendered in such a short span of time of encounter with him.


Transfiguration Phoenix Cartridge

Thank you very much not only for the pleasant talk at your shop but also and much more for your kind guidance towards the above pick-up system. Am I ever glad that I listened to your advice!!!

The system does everything you said it should and has been a source of great pleasure for the past two weeks. It's a perfect match and the most outstanding property is the ease with which it plays all my records. It is almost like not being there, just the music.  That is not to mention the fantastic bass and resolution of very fine detail. In addition to that, installing it on my VPI 3D arm was a breeze, all parameters falling into place by itself, it didn't take half an hour. That has never happened before, and I have installed quite a few, normally taking between 90-120 minutes for proper adjusting. I take this as further proof for a good match ;-)

Thanks once again and am looking forward to another pleasant meeting in the future! 

Uwe W.


This is just a short note to say THANK YOU for selling me the Devialet 200 and also installing it for me.  You were very helpful and professional. It is playing perfectly.  It is amazing.

Andrew Roche

Andrew R


Thank you for Makoto's contact information. The amp arrived in Osaka this morning and repairs will soon follow. I'm sure that Air Tight would not be repairing the amp now if not for your direct efforts. Makoto mentioned that he has known you for five years and clearly he wants to maintain a strong partnership with Audio Note, Singapore. I'm proud of being one of your distant customers. You folks stand behind your products.
Good on you!

Steve [Tokyo]

you must mail me your picture because you get a big kiss !!
I am speechless , such a marvelous sound !
Such a pleasure doing business with you,
thank you so much.

I wish you in the meantime ALL THE BEST !

Karel [Belgium]

Extraordinary! .... delivered to my front door in Auckland by TNT at 8.00am this morning, less than 30 hours elapsed hours from the time of your email below!!!
Condition of the cables is excellent ... certainly no complaints there.
Very satisfied!

Tony [New Zealand]


Just wanted to drop you a note To thank you and to let you know that I have installed the guardian 6 and it is great sounding, my system sounds like it just came out of the closet. The old conditioner was clearly restricting it. Tks and I am enjoying my music again! Cheers



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