Ultrasone Edition 10 *Like New*



Excellent condition.

Product Description

The Edition 10 is truly a beautiful headphone. The Ethiopian goatskin on the ear and headband pad is soft and luxuriant. A mix of Ruthenium and wood inlay are sculpted into elegantly designed earpieces inspired by the wings of a butterfly. Machined aluminum fittings on the headband provide a comfortable range of adjustment and swivel.
Ultrasone's S-Logic:
Ostensibly a method to improve the audios spatial qualities on headphones, Ultrasone’s S-Logic attempts to improve the image presented by placing the driver off-center, somewhat forward and down from the entrance of the ear canal. It’s widely known by headphone enthusiasts that moving headphones forward and down some generally improves the audio image. Ultrasone claims that by placing the driver this far forward and down next to the jaw, sound travels past the ear in a more natural way, eliciting acoustic reflections off the pinna (outer ear) that create the psycho-acoustic cues used for audio localization.


Ultrasone Edition 10 Specs:
Type: Around-Ear, Open-Back, Dynamic
Drivers: 40mm Titanium-Plated with NdFeB Magnets
Frequency Range: 5Hz - 45kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity: 99dB
Connectors: Gold-Plated 1/4" Stereo Plug
Cable Length: 9.9' (3 m)
Weight: 9.95 oz (282g) (Without Cable)

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