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Product Description

Stillpoints’ patented Universal Resonance Damping System is becoming an audio industry standard as well as providing precision stability under scientific laboratory equipment.

The System consists of two parts: Stillpoint and Riser. The Stillpoint consists of an outer case (called the calyx due to its flower-like petals that line the inner shell), two layers of ceramic balls, and a stainless steel pedestal. The Riser is an aluminum base with a stainless steel stud, which accepts the Stillpoint. The System functions as a shock absorber for vibrations and resonance. The System changes vertical vibration into horizontal vibration motion and absorbs it. Following the path of vibration from the top of the exposed ceramic ball, as the component is placed on the Stillpoint, the vibration contacts the ball and proceeds down through the ball. Vibration exits that ball at the contact point of the second tier of balls at a diagonal. The weight of the component expands the second tier of balls forcing them into the petals. The petals flex and counter the vibration, thereby absorbing it. From a platform or shelf, vibration enters the bottom outer rim of the Riser, travels to the center of the Riser, and transverses up the stud into the center of the pedestal. Finally, vibration travels across the pedestal to the outer edge into the ball/petal mechanism and is absorbed. The System utilizes constrain layer damping techniques by assembling ceramic, Delrin, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. The System also provides for the leveling of components via the Riser and studs.

Stillpoints heighten transparency, speed of transience, air, space and dynamics, to name only a few attributes, to aid in a very natural presentation.


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