Shunyata Research Hydra 8 Power Distributor


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Product Description

It’s easy to become cynical about high-end-audio equipment, what with the often small improvements that are wrought for escalating prices. But Shunyata Research has seemingly done the impossible with the Hydra Model-8: improved upon a very good existing design in terms of its functionality and performance, and lowered its price as well. The Hydra Model-8 can now be used in a wider array of systems, and its heart as a true high-end product has been enhanced. The Model-8’s power-distribution buss array has been refined and improved. The Model-8’s buss bars are machined from cryogenic-grade CDA-101 copper, reportedly the highest purity available, and each is over five inches long and one and a half inches thick. The entire buss array weighs more than five pounds. The buss system is housed in a hermetically sealed internal aluminum chassis filled with Shunyata Research’s FeSi-1002 compound, a synthetically manufactured ceramic material that is said to “perform a similar noise-reduction function within the Hydra Model-8” as it does within Shunyata Research’s patented power cords.


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