Shunyata Python Digital Cable S/PDIF (1M)


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Product Description

The Python digital bring a new technology to the fore that has no equal in terms of its impact on cable performance. Shunyata’spatent-pending technology insures that the Python digital will offer performance like no other, but at a price that will allow it to fit comfortably into most high-end budgets!

The Python digital were designed, tested and proven to outperform the crowded cost-no-object cable category currently on the market. Rather than set its retail prices astronomically high based on performance, Shunyata Research has committed to reversing the trend of inflated pricing in the cable industry. The Python signal cable systems are priced reasonably so they will find a welcome home in all serious playback and recording environments.

Perhaps the finest digital interconnect Shunyata has ever produced, ZiTron Python sets a new standard in digital sound. Impeccable timing, brilliant resolution and striking clarity ensure an incredibly lifelike sound from any DAC, trasport, or other digital device. Utilizing Shunyata’s innovative VTX Geometry, the Python’s dramatic improvement in square-wave response is without peer in digital cable design. Shunyata‘s trade show demonstrations of Python have amazed engineers and industry professionals alike with the cable’s quick response and vastly reduced distortion characteristics. Shunyata has decided to buck the common “no-price-is-too-high” trend by setting prices for US-made cable products as low as possible, keeping reference-quality audio well within your reach. Python‘s dramatic improvement to your digital setup will simply stun you.

Long known for ultra-complex wire geometries which measurably improve conductivity and desirable characteristics, Shunyata has developed a new VTX (Virtual Tube Conductor) geometry which greatly reduces the so-called “skin-effect.” Skin-effect is a distortion caused by differing speeds of conductivity between the center of the conductor (where the bass travels) and the outer part or skin of the conductor where the midrange and treble travel. Skin-effect plagues both stranded and solid core wire, causing smearing, timing and phase errors, in some cases even changes in tonal balance. The ideal conductor is a hollow tube, but this is wildly impractical in the real world, so using DTCD analysis, Shunyata created a new type of wire geometry which is a “virtual tube” greatly reducing skin effect and improving conductivity.


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