Raidho Acoustics C1.1 Speaker with Stand


Good condition.

Product Description

What the C1.1s do is deliver clean bass information as low as they can -- and they do so extremely quickly. Those bass notes might not go that deep, although the second-generation driver with its titanium voice-coil former certainly seems to help in this regard, but boy are they fast. The result is plenty of impact but without any of the “padding” so often added on to the bottom end of little speakers to make them seem larger than they are.
The resulting clarity cleans up the midbass and brings color and separation to the midrange. And musically the changes are no less profound.
The C1.1 goes much, much further than that; dynamic coherence might well be described as its raison d’etre. It’s what, in combination with
its tactile, unimpeded bass performance, makes this speaker so astonishingly expressive and communicative
-- and what allows it
to speak (despite its diminutive dimensions) with a voice of such musical authority. And let’s face it, if you can’t have bandwidth, then authority is definitely the next best thing!


Enclosure: rear ported standmount

Drivers: 1x sealed ribbon tweeter, 1x

ceramic mid/bass unit

Crossover: 2nd order, 3kHz x-over freq

Frequency Response: 50Hz-50kHz

Sensitivity: 88dB Impedance: > 6 ohm

Dimensions (WxHxD): 20x37x36cm

Weight: 12.5kg per speaker

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