PurePower 1050 AC Power Regenerator & Battery Back-up


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Product Description

PurePower 1050 is a high-end power regeneration device that takes the AC power you get right from the wall and regenerates the signal, so that your home theater and audiophile electronics run completely isolated from the maladies of the outside world. At the risk of sounding like an electrical engineer in this explanation, the way the PurePower 1050 works is it takes the incoming AC signal from the wall and converts is to DC. It then converts it again to a pure 60 Hz – 240 volt AC signal. This is exactly the bench standard that your power-thirsty amps and sensitive audiophile products are hungering for and will perform best receiving. The idea of power surges, sags (like the aforementioned brownouts), dips and other noisy maladies are virtually eliminated. It is important to note that PurePower isn’t the only power regeneration product in the home theater market.

Installers love the Pure Power, because during a thunderstorm, a system that loses power has upwards of 30 minutes of grace period to be able to be softly shut down. The PurePower will warn when it is about to run out of battery power. The unit also realistically extends the life of AV components by feeding them truly clean power, protecting them from surges, as well as keeping them from suffering damage from abrupt power loss to a high-performance home theater system.

Your ability to get more life and more performance from your system improves when you have it plugged into a PurePower 1050 AC regeneration device.
– If you can get your front projector plugged into a PurePower, you will avoid the possibility that your system could lose power and cause significant damage to your bulb or the actual projector.
– Battery backup allows your system to have a chance to be shut down softly, without the jolt of losing power or struggling through a brownout.
– The incremental improvement, with each component getting clean, accurate power, isn’t inconsequential when you add up the effect across your entire system.
– No component benefits more than your amplifier from the PurePower , as it needs the most power in your rack by a large margin. Tubes shine more and solid state amps sound more dynamic and quick. Don’t believe your ears? Plug the amps back into the wall and do an A-B test to hear the difference. It’s not subtle.


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