Pre-Audio Turntable ASP-1501 With Tangential Tracking Air Bearing Tonearm. *Price reduced*


*RRP SGD5,800
Excellent condition with box.

Product Description

Pre Audio, a Polish company run by owner designer Daniel Prendecki (from which is derived the word “Pre” in the brand name), has devised a reliable tangential tonearm using air bearing which he is able to manufacture and sell at a price that is well below the stratospheric. In this day and age, it is hard to believe how anyone can sell anything remotely resembling what Pre Audio is offering with this price tag. Prendecki’s middle of the range ‘table and tonearm combination, the ASP-1501, boasts a belt-driven turntable with an air bearing linear tracking tonearm for the princely sum of $5k (US). These days, this sum may not even buy you a high end cartridge. The tonearm used here is made of acrylic for the arm tube, which Prendecki claims will minimise resonances and cancel out any remaining unevenness in the trolley drive, making the arm less sensitive to deviation in parts tolerances. Using an arm tube of about 9cm also ensures that it is less sensitive to record warps and VTA, although you can adjust VTA in between records if you wish to do so. The piece de resistance is their air pump –a beautifully crafted box that puts out 0.03MPa of pressure but only makes 20dB worth of noise.
Top to bottom, the ASP 1501 delivers a clean sound, with little obvious colouration or resonances.


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