Ortofon SPU A95 Anniversary Limited Ed. Phono Cartridge


Good condition. Original box. With Cert.

Product Description

The SPU 95th Anniversary accomplishes precisely what Ortofon set out to do: It’s a well-behaved, notably modern pickup that is quiet and imperturbable in the groove, with lots of detail and a fine sense of space on stereo records—yet it is also, identifiably, an SPU, with the sort of solid sound and fine sense of drive associated with relatively low-compliance devices.

The mechanical structure of the SPU A95 cartridge has also been re-engineered, as well as many of its internal assemblies. At the mechanical heart lies a revolutionary customized SLM (Selective Laser Melting) manufacturing procedure. The use of Titanium in SPU A95 has provided a further improvement to the internal damping capabilities as well as to the overall rigidity of the structure.

Another special feature is the inclusion of the renowned Field Stabilizing Element (FSE) system, which consists of a small cylinder of conductive material placed strategically inside of the magnetic system. FSE guarantees that the force field within the system will remain stable at all times regardless of the movement of the armature.

A Nude Elliptical diamond stylus graces the aluminum cantilever, representative of the legacy created by SPUs past, along with a black painted, grinded wood body.

Limited to 500 pieces.


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