Nottingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck Turntable


Good condition. No box.

Product Description

Never happy to leave improvements unmade yet never wanting to be too showy, the Ace Space and the Space Deck look identical. The differences, though often invisible to the naked eye, are significant. The Ace Space differs from the Space Deck by incorporating a new bearing (based on the Hyperspace bearing), a new arm board and a new motor mount. The Ace Space also uses very different metallurgy in the arm board and the motor mount. Both have been changed from aluminium to lead impregnated steel. With over twice the mass (and better resonance control) these two key platforms offer much more stable support. Everything else remains the same.

The Ace Space Deck is provided with a base that the table sits on. The platform was an afterthought to appease the Japanese, who cried out for a square turntable. Speaking of simplicity, there's no start button on Nottingham tables. The motor is only powerful enough to keep the record spinning, so you have to start the platter yourself. Ditto for stopping it. Fletcher opines that if the motor were powerful enough to start and stop the platter, cogging would be audible. The materials chosen are quite robust, which buy you a turntable that'll last you into your dotage. If you're looking to step off the upgrade merry-go-round and stay off, this turntable can do it. However, it isn't a piece of audio jewelry. If you want a pretty turntable, its looks aren't likely to put it on your list. What you see is a simple turntable and what you get is just that.


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