Miyajima Zero 0.7Mil Mono Cartridge


Good condition. 300 hours usage.

Product Description

"Zero" is the best product in a monaural cartridge.
Zero improved sound quality more by the axis of the non-magnetic body.
The Zero is a true mono cartridge, and not an adapted stereo design. Mr. Noriyuki Miyajima began his cartridge adventure just from mono cartridges.


Weight: 11.8 g
Material: African Blackwood
Needle pressure: 2.0 g - 4.5 g (3.5 g recommended)
Impedance: approx. 6 Ω
Output voltage: about 0.4 mV
Compliance: about 8 × 10-6 cm / dyne
Recommended operating temperature: 20-30° C (most suitable 25º C)
Stylus shape: Conical, 0.7 μm

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