Miyajima Labs Spirit Mono Cartridge


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Product Description

“Spirit” is a representative cartridge of the vertical axis concentration method.
It is steady deep clear sound quality.
And the delicate, speedy sound can express the feelings of the musician.
The stylus of Spirit MONO was changed from conical to elliptic on October 2, 2017.
The traceability slightly improved by elliptic.

Like all Miyajima cartridges, the Spirit Mono uses a proprietary “cross-coil” motor, the fulcrum of which is optimized for linear dynamic performance; like all of the company’s mono cartridges, this one has a single-coil and a 18µm-radius spherical stylus tip—and is unresponsive to vertical groove modulations. In short, the Spirit Mono is true mono. According to HR, the low-compliance, moderate-output (0.7mV) Spirit Mono “had a very seductive way of making records sound full-bodied and tangible. Images of musicians were realistically scaled, and there was always a noticeable sense of space.” The Spirit Mono is also available with a 76µm stylus for 78rpm records, or in a version called the Spirit Mono High, with an output of 3.7mV. (Vol.37 No.10 WWW)

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