Meridian Sooloos Media Source 600, Media Drive 600


SGD 5,900

SGD 12,500

Good condition. No box.

Product Description

The Media Source 600 is the high performance way to listen to your music._x000D_ Including Meridian’s latest suite of DSP audio enhancement technologies and derived from the Reference 800 Series, the Media Source 600 provides lifelike musical performances. A comprehensive set of audio connections are included – making it easy to connect to either a Meridian or any audio system.
Media Drive 600 is designed to house a pair of hard disk drives configured as RAID 1
Through its DHCP-enabled network connection Media Drive 600 connects easily to a host network allowing easy integration with the rest of a Meridian Sooloos system, and integrated control from any of the Meridian Sooloos control devices or Apps.
In Showroom Condition._x000D_ Less than a year old. The Sooloos Media Source 600 is the current model.
The Media Drive 600 can house up to 2 4TB hardisks. Can be configured to use 4TB and 4TB backup or 8 TB usage.


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