Mark Levinson No 512 CD/SACD Player




Excellent condition. No box.

Product Description

The No 512 is a single disc CD/SACD player that can play CDs and stereo-only SACD tracks. It features balanced and unbalanced audio outs as well as two digital outputs, one XLR and the other S/PDIF (RCA). The No 512 also has one Ethernet port, an RS-232 port, an IR port and two mini plug triggers rounding out its list of control options. The No 512 can be connected to a preamp as well as directly to an amplifier thanks to its variable output option that is only accessible via its unwieldy remote control.
Internally the No 512 uses 24-bit D/A converters in a dual mode setting meaning each channel (right and left) has two D/A converters versus the usual one. This concept of doubling up on everything extends to the No 512's power supplies of which it uses two, one for the digital circuitry and the other for the analog output stages. The digital circuits and analog stage are kept separate from one another via their own metal enclosures to minimize interference. Lastly, the No 512 minimizes the detrimental effects of jitter through the use of Mark Levinson's own Direct Digital Synthesis circuit or DDS, which reads the information from a CD or SACD and then stores it temporarily on the No 512's internal memory. The DDS then reclocks the signal from the memory bank and sends it to the player's analog or digital outputs. In a nutshell, the No 512's drive acts more like a transport sending the digital information to the player's internal memory first before it is sent to the output stages. This technique ensures that any jitter introduced by the transport itself is effectively removed from the signal before passing it along to you, the listener.
For serious people, with money – only digital disc player. And the Levinson is the perfect device that will stay with us “forever.” That is, until it falls apart in years. That should not happen too soon because its component most susceptible to wear is excellent – after all it’s a transport drive from Esoteric!
Mark Levinson’s promotional material talks of the No512’s ‘breathtaking transparency’, and that’s no idle claim. Whereas lesser SACD players can be ‘analogue’ sounding to a fault, the No512 – on the better SACDs – strips away the softened, homogenised sound so often heard from DSD to reveal its true blend of subtle detail, spacious imaging and vivid tone colours. And it’s cracking as a CD player.


Communication and Control: One Ethernet port; one RS-232 port; one IR port, 3.5mm mono mini plug; one 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger input, 12V; one 3.5mm mono (tip/sleeve) mini plug trigger output, 12V; three-pin IEC standard power connector
Analog Audio Inputs: Two balanced XLR analog outputs; two single-ended RCA analog outputs
Maximum Output Level: 16V (balanced), 8V (single-ended)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 108dB
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 92dB PCM/CD; 99dB DSD/SACD
Output Impedance: 10Ω

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