Job Electronic 225 Stereo Power Amplifier


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Product Description

The 225 is a totally straightforward amp, with nothing but a pair of RCA line inputs, a pair of five-way binding posts for speaker connection, an IEC-style socket for an AC cord, and a power switch on the front. There is one interesting thing about installing the 225, though: At just 14.1 inches wide and 9.5 inches deep, it’s surprisingly compact, small enough that you could probably slip a couple of them into your rack. Output at 8 ohms is far beyond the 125-watt spec: 194 watts at 0.5% THD, 201 watts at 1.0% THD. Into 4 ohms, it’s not as impressive. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify power at 4 ohms, we typically expect a high-end amplifier to double its power (or come close) into 4 ohms. The 4-ohm numbers I got with the 225 are 218 watts at 0.5% THD, 227 watts at 1.0% THD. It was highly entertaining when visually simple and minimalistic Job 225 turned out to be a performer this grand. In the very beginning of the Swiss-American ride, one can simply wonder how it’s even possible that a device this small can deliver sound this refined, transparent, fast, easygoing and complete. Yet it happened, Job 225’s appearance is the “hah, alright, you got me there!” factor.


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