Definitive Technology SuperCube 8000 Powered Subwoofer




Good condition. Demo unit.

Product Description

Definitive Technology's super-impressive SuperCube 8000 subwoofer will fill your room with huge, heart-pounding bass while consuming only a little valuable real estate. Driven by a brawny 1,500-watt amplifier, this compact sub's active 11" woofer and two 12" passive radiators combine to deliver low-frequency output comparable to that of a traditional 18" woofer, but with greater speed, musicality, and definition. Its versatile inputs, comprehensive controls, and handy wireless remote give you the tools you need to dial in pinpoint-perfect bass that adds visceral impact to all your movies and music.

The SuperCube 8000 sub uses a new class of high-efficiency amplifier to bring 1,500 watts to bear. Its clean muscle is preceded by a 56-bit DSP preamp stage that kills distortion before it ever reaches the amp, let alone your ears. The SuperCube's 11" woofer cone is encased in an incredibly rigid, cast aluminum basket engineered to hold the massive magnet structure and large voice coil in absolute alignment. The rock-solid cabinet uses front and rear panels nearly 2" thick with multiple internal braces to make sure that you hear clean bass without sound-muddying vibrations.

Flexible inputs and advanced controls
Line-level and speaker-level inputs let you connect this sub to just about any audio system. The continuously variable low-pass crossover allows you to precisely control the frequencies that your subwoofer handles. And the disappearing display lets you monitor the 8000's settings while you adjust them from the comfort of your easy chair with the included wireless remote.


-bass-reflex (passive radiator) enclosure
-11" cast aluminum basket woofer pressure-coupled to two 12" low bass radiators
-built-in 1,500-watt class HD amplifier
-frequency response: 12-200 Hz
-continuously variable low-pass 40-150 Hz crossover
-variable phase control for fine-tuning bass performance
-speaker-level inputs
-line-level inputs
-LFE input for use with home theater receiver's subwoofer output
-wireless remote control
-piano-gloss black finish

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