Audio Research Reference 75 Stereo Power Amplifier


Good condition. No box.

Product Description

The Ref 75’s bass definition was fairly close to the Ref 110’s, but bass attacks were more articulate and bass pitches more easily followed through the 75. The Ref 75 also had a much wider dynamic range, with more subtle gradations of dynamics, as well as more “jump factor.” And despite the fact that the KT120 has the reputation of being a more neutrally balanced tube than the 6550, the 110 had a slightly more forward sound than the Ref 75 with high-level passages.

Reference 75’s broad spread of talents means that it sounds comfortable with pretty much all types of music, too. True, this is no muscle-bound powerhouse, so if you want to pump out the likes of Kanye West’s Power at party levels and feel the bass wobble your insides, there are alternatives that do it better.


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