Audio Note (UK) TT-2 Deluxe Turntable, Arm 2 Tonearm, Ortofon 2M Black MM Cartridge *Item Reserved!!


Mint condition. No box.

Product Description

TT-2 is a muscular and powerful performer. It manages to sound effortless across a wide variety of music and is possessed of excellent pace and timing. Up tempo recordings are delivered with real urgency and this is underpinned with a tight and potent bass that starts and stops with aplomb and underpins the performance. Slower and calmer recordings still benefit from this innate timing without sounding forced or hurried. The Arm 2 is the middle model of 3 in the Audio Note range and is an original AN design from scratch. All three models share the same mechanical design with the internal and external wiring being improved as you go up the range. The Arm 2 consists of an aluminum armtube and base and includes an easily adjustable VTA wheel at the base. Bearings are captive unipivots keeping the ease of movement of traditional unipivots without the disadvantages associated with their lack of stability. Anti skate is controlled by a cleverly designed thread and weight system which keeps the thread and weight out of harms way at the front under the cueing mechanism rather that the usual back position which always looks fragile to me. Geometry is standard Rega and the arms can be fitted to all decks that have the traditional 23mm Rega hole rather than the new 3 point mount.


Belt drive turntable
4kg (approx)
• Twin motor belt
drive turntable
• Three point
• Captured unipivot
• Choice of real wood

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