Audio Note (UK) Soro SE Integrated Amplifier


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Product Description

The Audio Note Soro SE is a full function tube integrated line amplifier. The amplifier comes with nice gold knobs on an acrylic fascia. It is a Class A single-ended line only 18 watt per channel integrated amplifier, with 4 inputs.

Some of the superior quality components utilised in the SORO SE include: -
Aluminium foil, paper in oil capacitors, used in the most critical areas. Dual power supplies and transformers, one for the output stage and one for the remaining circuitry. Custom designed output transformers, manufactured by Audio Note (UK). These output transformers – one of the most critical areas of valve amplifier design – allow the SORO SE to produce impressively extended and controlled bass.


Type: Pure Class A
Outputs: 18 watts per channel
Valve Complement: 1 x ECC82
: 2 x 6LS7
: 4 x 5811 / 6L6G
Input: 5 inputs (RCA)
Output Impedance: 4 and 8 ohms

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