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Artemis Labs PL-1 MC Phono Stage.*Price dropped*



*Original price SGD4,000
*Good condition. No box.

Product Description

This is the 65db lower gain version suitable for 0.2mv to 0.5mv cartridges. The Artemis Labs PL-1 Phono Pre-amplifier is specifically designed for low-output moving-coilphono cartridges. It combines the clean, accurate sound of a purist phono preamplifier with the con-venience and reliability of a solid, well-built product. Special care is taken with all parts in the audiopath. All aspects of the design were done by John Atwood of One Electron™.

"Like its companion line stage, The PL-1 is a tube-driven phonostage delivering exquisitely musical and lifelike sound . . . beautifully balanced, with low noise and a great range of tone colors, the PL-1 is also dynamically explosive and very transparent." Absolute Sound Golden Ear Award, and Editor's Choice Award.

The PL-1 demonstrated a smooth, full-bodied sound with a composed cadence and a touch of warmth. It proved itself an adept performer under pressing conditions across the middle frequencies. The treble satisfied on fundamentals and harmonics, albeit they were a bit dry at the very top end…. Timpani, bassoons, and basses exhibited solid low-end weight with tonal definition. Designed for low output cartridge.

The first device in line with the input signal is one half of a Russian 6N1P dual-triode tube, used in fixed bias (as opposed to autobias) mode: The cathode is tied directly to ground, without a resistor in line, and the grid is tied to a fixed DC supply, alongside the AC music signal. In an interesting design twist, the bias voltage for the 6N1P is supplied by two N-style 1.5V batteries, one for each half of the tube.

A passive RIAA equalization circuit follows that first gain stage, then the signal is amplified by two more stages: one half of a 12AX7 dual-triode followed by one half of a 5687 dual-triode, both in autobias mode. The 5687 was selected as the last stage because its low plate resistance allows for a lowish output impedance without the need for a cathode follower, and its plate is loaded with a Lundahl C-core choke, for increased operating headroom and consequent lower distortion.

In fact, the PL-1 has five tubes altogether: a single 6N1P, plus two 12AX7s and two 5687s. Because the 12AX7 and 5687 have split heaters, one side of each tube—which is to say, one triode within each dual-triode envelope—can be used independently of the other. The PL-1’s designer has taken advantage of that by wiring the tube sockets so that one channel uses one tube half and the other channel uses the other half. Thus the individual tubes run cooler, and the owner can get most of the sonic benefits of a fresh set of tubes just by swapping one channel’s 12AX7 and 5687 for the other’s, after such time as tube deterioration becomes sonically apparent. (The 6N1P is exempt from this “Cool-Swap” design.)


-Mid-Band Gain (47K load, 1KHz): 52dB +/– 2dBFrequency
-Response & Distortion (measured with inverse RIAA curve applied to generator):
-Worst-case Loading (12K ohms, 1000pF):
-Frequency Response: 25Hz – 30KHz +/– 0.5dBTHD+N at 1KHz, 2Vrms output: < 0.2%
-Average Loading (47K ohms, 250pF):
-Frequency Response: < 10Hz – 42KHz +/– 0.5dBTHD+N at 1KHz, 2Vrms output: < 0.2%
-Maximum output voltage (47K load, 1KHz, 0.5% THD): 40Vrms
-Output Noise (grounded input, 47K load, rms detector):22Hz - 30KHz: < –59dB below 2Vrms output"A-weighted": < –69dB below 2Vrms output
-Crosstalk:1KHz: < –TBDdB20KHz : < –TBDdB
-Effective Output Impedance: approx. 1300 ohms (1KHz)
-Input Impedance: 47.5K ohms, lower with optional shunt resistors.
-Mains Voltage: Wired at factory for one of the following voltages: 230, 240V, 50 to 60Hz.
-Power Consumption (rms) : 40 Watts nominal, 49 Watts maximum.
-Size: 6 ½" (165 mm) Height, 8 ½" (216 mm) Width, 14Mass: 24 lbs. (11Kg)

Return & Refund Policy

• All Pre-Owned items have been tested before listing.
• We encourage buyers to test and verify the equipment condition at our showroom (1 Coleman Street, The Adelphi, Unit 03-35) — pre-owned condition as shown on our listed page.

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