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Raidho Acoustics X1T - Review by Lite Magazine

"The Raidho X1t convinced me all along the line. What the manufacturer manages to tease out of the rather small diaphragms is quite impressive. The tantalum coating delivers the touch more power and sensitivity that it promises.   The X1t is an excellent choice for smaller rooms where there is not enough space for large speakers but where there are listeners with very pointed ears.   With its excellent and flawless finish, it will grace even the most elegant of rooms with ease. And for those who want to celebrate complete enjoyment, the matching speaker stands are highly recommended. I certainly had a lot of fun with these dainty yet playful speakers. You can just hear the passion of their developers." Click here for full review.

2020 Avsolute SoundEditors’ Choice: Power Amplifiers $10,000 – $20,000

The Air Tight ATM-1S delivered the sonic goods with naturalness, beauty, and ease, while also throwing a remarkably deep and wide soundstage. Read more here #airtight #stereoamplifier #tubeamplifier

4300E Audio Note (UK) 300B Tube

Audio Note (UK) 4300E / 300B are finally available, and they are thoroughly magnificent. Produced exclusively for us and to our specification by Psvane, they feature solid plate construction and Molybdenum anodes, and are the finest sounding current production 300B valves available today. We supply them as matched pairs or matched quads. If you order 8 valves, we will supply you with 2 quads, matched as closely as is possible to each other. For more details:


Photos from the unpacking of the latest newly designed Air Tight Tube ATM-2211 Monoblocks For all the beautiful photos, click here . #airtight #ATM2211 #monoblocks


A few more official photos of the new and upcoming Air Tight SET ATM-2211 tube monoblock power amps… For more photos, click here . #airtight #monoblocks #tubeamplifier

ALTAIRA Receives Product of The Year Awards from The Absolute Sound

Robert Harley's Product of the Year review accurately conveys the dramatic impact ALTAIRA Grounding System can have when applied to virtually any high-resolution audio, video, or recording system. These unprecedented results are indicative of Shunyata Research's laser-focus on science as the backdrop for all of its work. "Shunyata's ALTAIRA System is a revelation, not only taking my system's performance to the next level of sound quality,
but also in revealing the effects of ground noise on musical realism.
It has become an essential part of my reference system"
~ Robert Harley, Editor-in-Chief, The Absolute Sound, Issue 334


As it is Ansuz Philosophy only to use high quality materials to create our products we have succeded in finding the best suited cable to be the core for our different configurations and quality levels – and yes, you can do wonders with digital cables to. So starting out with creating the best LAN cables for High-end purpose, we learned more of the significant role a switch plays in an High-end audio network, so of course we developed what we believe to be the best performing audio switch in the market. The new Ansuz Power Switches are like a combination of a new upgraded version of a PowerBox and a Ethernet switch. So, a great power supply, best grounding in the market, efficient shielding, mechanical design with good grounding through Darkz Feet -naturally upgradable with Darkz and titanium balls. Beside that, you get a build in Power Box to power your active Ethernet and Digital cables (D2, D-TC & D-TC Supreme). We have learned that our Noise Suppressing Coil Technology (NSC) has an two way impact to any setup; adding the Power Switch to your high-end music system and connecting it to your mains power distributor, not only will the streaming output benefit from the built in NSC technology, but in fact the entire setup. Sound vise you’ll get the significant Ansuz, black and quiet background to the music. The gray haze that normally covers streaming music is totally gone. That is of course when you use the PowerSwitch in combination with Ansuz Ethernet cables. Ansuz Power Switches and Ethernet cables actually brings streaming music to the same level as CD’s !! The Ansuz Power Switch Box is state of the art, fitted with the best Ansuz technologies. Ansuz PowerSwitch comes 4 models; X·TC, A2, D2 and D·TC SUPREME.


ANSUZ X SERIES CABLES AND POWER CONDITIONER by Nicholas Ripley Dec 11, 2018 When it comes to gnomic discussions about cables, Ansuz gets close to winning the prize. Normally, when it comes to discussions about cables, there isn’t great deal to talk about, but what there is usually settles on the materials used in the conductors, the dielectric, the type of plugs used. Within these fairly limited parameters, things get a bit florid. You might start with ‘copper in a PTFE shield’ but by the end of the proceedings, it’s the finest filigree ductile cuprum, lovingly strand-casted by artisans then wrapped in the most sheer gauze of pure fluropolymer of tetrofluroethylene. Ansuz doesn’t do that. Its X-Series – the brand’s entry-level cabling “is made of twisted, shielded, silver-plated copper solid-cores in mechanically stable Teflon insulation.” That is all you get from the brand. OK, so beyond this there are discussions about electrical and mechanical grounding and how important it is for an audio system. This includes discussions about why such things are important and upgrade paths to show just what can be done and just what can be made better, but even these discussions border on the descriptive, and are disturbingly free from hyperbole and gushing prose. However, a lot of the technolgies used inside Ansuz cables that act on electrical grounding apply further up the price list. X-Series cables don’t have acronyms like DGC (Direct Ground Connector) or ‘AARC’ (Ansuz Advanced Resonance Control) because these are more complicated systems applied specifically to the more up-market cables in the Ansuz line-up. While X-Series is designed from scratch taking electrical grounding into consideration, it remains, ultimately, a series of ‘twisted, shielded, silver-plated solid cores in a mechanically stable Teflon insulation.’

ATH-3s MC Step-Up Transformer Debut!

Airtight is renewing MC Step-Up Transformer ATH-3 to a new model “ATH-3s”. The new ATH-3s is equipped with Ground Lift Switches, which enable to select grounded and floated grounding individually for input and output.
This feature makes it possible to handle from floating balanced transmission to normal transmission.
Along with that, the housing and insulator are also changed to aluminum to improve the sound quality. We chose a ground lift switch that was particular about the feeling. It has been well received by ATE-3011,
We also incorporates a Hexagon Nut Binding Post MIL-P-55149 / 8 (MIL Standard), the same GND terminal we use for our flagship Phonostage ATE-3011. • Step-up ratio 1:40 (32dB gain) at low impedance mode • Adaptable impedance of cartridges 1Ω〜7Ω (Recommended) * High Impedance model for 7Ω〜40Ω available (factory set) • Dimensions 144 (W) × 207 (D) × 80 (H) mm • Weight 1.5kgs

ATM-2 Plus Stereo Power Amplifier Coming soon!

“Rediscovery of the legends”
Air Tight released the original ATM-2 in 1988. This KT-88 based Push-Pull power amplifier received honor of many awards and has became our longest running power amplifier model for over 30 years. Today, we are renovating this celebrated model to redefine KT-88 push-pull amplifier with AirTight`s30 years of technical expertise. The new ATM-2Plus is a completely new design while keeping the legendary AirTight style & outlooks. All circuity including 1st& 2nd amplification and internal constructions are renovated. Unlike a time when we released the original ATM-2, vintage KT-88 tubes are almost impossible to obtain, and quality of modern tubes are different. Our focus was to lower plate voltage of the tube while keeping output power for longer tube life as well as stable operation of the amplifier.
For the optimum operation point of KT-88/6550 tubes, we incorporated 6CG7/6FQ7 tubes which is more powerful than the original 12AU7 for wider amplitude and lower distortion. AirTight also redesigned Negative Feedback to optimize damping factors to match with today`s speaker. Output transformer is a major components for Power Amplifier. ATM-2Plus is unsparingly mounting new Tamura`s 100W class large output transformers to allow surplus at lows. For critical power transformer, we decided to custom made hand-winded/paper wrapped transformer made by Japanese craftsman for clearer and bigger sound stage. The exterior design of ATM-2Plus is adhere to its predecessor, but the new chassis design hides fasteners by using stud boss and ensuring firm frame grounding. Other new features would be fast-breaking fuses to protect the amplifier from output tube failures. Keeping traditions, not printed circuit boards are used in ATM-2Plus, and all assemblies and wirings of ATM-2Plus are done by our craftsmen at AirTightfactory in Takatsuki, Osaka.

Aavik Acoustic P-150 Power Amplifier

We really do love the 300W Class D power module designed for the reviewer praised U-300. Then we couldn’t live without it in the downscaled U-150, even though we would have preferred something less costly. Now the same modules have become the heart of this new P-150 power amplifier. With better and stronger power supplies, the Aavik P-150 clearly shows its full potential. The internal wiring is top of the line Ansuz cable technology. That, together with a large number of active Tesla Coils truly makes the P-150 “the Dark Prince of music”. for details.

Aavik Acoustics U-380 integrated amplifier

Without question, the Aavik Acoustics U-380 integrated amplifier delivered the finest class-D sound that I’ve ever heard in my system. Beyond the strong and superbly controlled bass that I’ve come to expect from amplification of its class, it also exhibited an uncommon range of color, dynamics, and detail. For the full review, click here . #aavik #intergratedamplifeir

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